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  • Software Development: A Discipline, Not an Art

    on Nov 16, 05 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    Software Must Be Treated as a Critical Business Asset November 15, 2005 – For years, companies producing software have treated the development process as an art. Unlike the other operations of the company that are monitored, managed and measured using formal business process, software development projects are often the result of ad hoc decisions and activities, with few metrics available to gauge the status or efficiency of a development effort. The result? By not managing software as the critical business asset it is, companies face escalating development costs, mounting code quality and security issues, and

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  • Klocwork Announces Tips and Tricks Guide

    on Nov 1, 05 • by Meranda Powers • with No Comments

    Security Expert Kevin Beaver Addresses Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices for Ensuring That Your Software Products are Secure from Attacks ISSJ News Desk — Information Storage and Security Journal — Nov 1, 2005 — Realtimepublishers and Klocwork Inc. have announced the immediate availability of The Tips and Tricks Guide to Software Security Assurance. Written in an easy-to-read question and answer format, security expert Kevin Beaver addresses tools, techniques, and best practices for ensuring that your software products are secure from attacks. “By addressing security issues throughout the software development lifecycle, which includes management, development, auditing,

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