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  • How Pervasive is Agile?

    on Dec 15, 08 • by Todd Landry • with No Comments

    I like statistics. I always have and always will. I remember manually keeping track of all the statistics for my favourite baseball team by going through the box scores everyday in the newspaper (obviously this was well before the internet came around).  I would manually calculate batting average, slugging percentage, strikeouts per 9  innings and so on. Yup, I lived a pretty exciting youth! Anyways, that love for statistics continued with me, but now I like to know things like how much snow has fallen overnight, and how much more we can expect over the

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  • ISV software quality; tortology or oxymoron…

    on Dec 10, 08 • by Gwyn Fisher • with No Comments

    It’s kind of bizarre, but in my pre-Klocwork experience of running ISV development groups, from small teams to global enterprises, it never struck me as wrong that we would routinely ship software containing critical bugs. We knew we were doing it. We knew, on some abstract underground never-to-be-admitted layer of our deepest darkest souls, that this was a “bad thing.” But mostly, we knew that when somebody found a bug we could just send them a patch. And what’s more, we knew that customers expected this behavior. We got requests to “send us a patch

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