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  • Klocwork Nominated for Great Indian Developer Awards 2009

    on Feb 23, 09 • by Meranda Powers • with No Comments

    Klocwork Insight named finalist in testing category BURLINGTON, Mass. — Feb 23, 2009 — Klocwork, Inc., the proven leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving software security and quality, today announced its industry-leading source code analysis tool, Klocwork Insight, has been nominated in the Software Testing category of the Great Indian Developer Awards 2009. The award program recognizes organizations and products that are contributing to the evangelism, productivity and innovation excellence of the Indian developer ecosystem. This year’s Great Indian Developer Awards honor products across 11 categories, including Testing, Security, Frameworks, Web Development

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  • In-phase defect containment

    on Feb 16, 09 • by Brendan Harrison • with 1 Comment

    Here’s Gwyn chatting about general software development challenges, in particular the whole goal of “in-phase defect containment” – i.e. identifying and correcting defects in the same development phase they’re created. Near the end of the video, there’s a short discussion on how this objective fits in an Agile context. With Agile’s focus on the frequent delivery of working software, in-phase containment becomes even more important, even though it’s more often associated with more formal methodologies such as CMMI and Six Sigma. CM Crossroads

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  • SD Times: Think like a Hacker

    on Feb 15, 09 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    In the eyes of Mike Weider, the correct way of doing software security testing requires getting into the mind of the hacker. The director of security products for IBM Rational said it takes a special breed of software professional to step into the driver’s seat of a hacker’s mentality and take the wheel. While quality assurance professionals can do security testing and smoke out some vulnerabilities, they usually have the customers’ thoughts in mind rather than those of the hacker. “There is a need for this specialized security testing professional to anticipate how hackers think

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  • Lambda expressions in C++

    on Feb 11, 09 • by Denis Sidorov • with 5 Comments

    Have just stumbled across the lamda module in boost (popular C++ general-purpose library known for extensive usage of templates and influence on C++ standard committee). A quote: The primary motivation for the BLL (Boost Lambda Library) is to provide flexible and convenient means to define unnamed function objects for STL algorithms … for_each(a.begin(), a.end(), std::cout &lt;&lt; _1 &lt;&lt; ' '); My first thought was: "Hmm ... a macro?" It appears it is not. The <code>_1 object is a lambda placeholder, and should be read as first parameter of lambda expression (a.k.a. unnamed function). In fact

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  • Resource Leaks in C#

    on Feb 3, 09 • by Alen Zukich • with 2 Comments

    I’m picking up the theme of the CWE Top 25 today (see posts below for more detail on the list itself, or check out this blog posting for a more exhaustive description) as we run into what is described as CWE-404 all the time in managed code environments. Although most C/C++ developers recognize explicit resource management as an issue, I’ve recently found out talking to some of our customers that they are totally unaware of the need to worry about such things in Java and especially C#. I even had one customer tell me in

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