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  • Build Analysis and Source code analysis must work together

    on Apr 25, 09 • by Alen Zukich • with No Comments

    There’s been some recent discussion around using source code analysis (SCA) technology for build clean-up and optimization. I thought it might be useful to try and separate the spin from reality and outline where and how static source code analysis can be used for build optimization. First, every SCA tool worth its salt does build analysis. Automated discovery of a customer’s build system is a required capability for deep static code analysis. Most users of SCA attempt to discover bugs, security vulnerabilities, and other maintainability problems. Some customers will also leverage the build analysis itself

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  • SearchSoftwareQuality: The Role of Quality Assurance Pros in Software Security

    on Apr 10, 09 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    In a forthcoming tip I’ll cover what developers can and should be doing to get on board with security. In this tip I’ll share what quality assurance (QA) analysts, engineers and testers can do to reduce business risks in this capacity. As with developers, security managers and IT auditors, QA professionals have a very important role in the information security process. As an aspect of overall quality, it’s part of your responsibility to ensure that code is secure before it goes into production. This fact alone validates that your role is arguably the most important

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  • Klocwork Closes Record Q1 2009

    on Apr 9, 09 • by Meranda Powers • with No Comments

    Company revenue and customer growth shows that software development teams continue to invest in developer productivity BURLINGTON, Mass. — Apr 08 2009 — Klocwork, Inc., the proven leader in automated source code analysis (SCA) today announced record Q1 revenue fueled by 81 percent growth in new customer license revenue. The Company attributes this momentum to the growing adoption of its desktop solution. The current economic climate has increased the need for organizations to proactively look for ways to improve developer productivity and manage critical code bases more cost effectively. Klocwork has been a pioneer in

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  • SearchCloudComputing: Software Quality Vendors Roll Out ALM, Testing and Quality Products

    on Apr 8, 09 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    Rally Software Development Corp. announced release 2009.1 of its Agile ALM (application lifecycle management) solution for project and program management. The new version both adds and updates customizable reporting options and increases the number of free integrations with development tools from Microsoft and Atlassian. New reporting features include customizable release charts and iteration charts; enhanced velocity chart for more insight into past iteration velocity; enhanced burndown chart to immediately see the impact of project changes; and an AgileEVM Mashup that displays Agile Earned Value Management metrics. In addition, Rally is offering connectors to Microsoft Visual

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  • Languages and the theocracy of programming

    on Apr 7, 09 • by Gwyn Fisher • with No Comments

    Just returned from ESC San Jose, where I spent a very enjoyable few days surrounded by the “real men” of the programming world. Forget your managed language environments, forget abstractions or object oriented fantasies of design, forget processes like Agile, these guys spend their days down at board level working in assembler and occasionally sticking their heads up into the rarified world of C (but only, you know, for stuff that doesn’t really matter…). Hell, most of the time the hardware they’re programming is custom built just for that project, sans O/S because, you know,

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