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  • A New World Disorder

    on Jul 30, 09 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    The hype has been on for years and although the frustrations of continued dropped cell calls  haunts us all, the future has arrived in full swing….pardon the pun!!! I thought this article between “Mad Money Cramer” and MLB is a fantastic illustration of a dream unfolding before everyone’s eyes. This month has been a time to reflect upon the historic moment 40 years ago of man’s first walk on the moon.  I am sure just about everyone can remember where they were when the first televised pictures captivated the world.  For the legions of people

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  • The Unspoken Agile Advantage

    on Jul 28, 09 • by Mike Laginski • with No Comments

    Agile board by pcalcado (flickr)

    I sat in on an iteration review this week and came away feeling great about the team, the process and the strategic direction we taking our products.  Reflecting on the meeting I asked myself what was the magic in the meeting? The strategic direction of the product had been hashed out months ago in a grueling multi day session,  almost all of the members of the development team that were present for the review have been with the company since it’s inception back in 2001  and the meeting covered what it was billed to cover

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  • Software development and Basketball … more in common than you think.

    on Jul 24, 09 • by Todd Landry • with No Comments

    I recently read a very good blog on the Triangle Offense and Scrum, and it inspired me to write a basketball related item as well.  I used to play a lot of basketball growing up. I played point guard, and was in charge of running the offence, calling out the appropriate play for each time down the court. In order to get the best possible opportunity to score, a lot of things have to go right…1) the proper play for the defence presented must be called; 2) the play has to be communicated properly (from

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  • Prioritizing your Backlog

    on Jul 16, 09 • by Todd Landry • with 1 Comment

    Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on cleaning up our product backlog, and the one thing that I always find to be the most challenging is the prioritization. I’ve worked on a number of different products over the years, with a number of different teams, and have used a number of different methods to prioritize a backlog, and I thought I would take a few minutes to share them with you now. 1)    Feature rating – This is the method where Excel really shines, because you get to create a cool matrix consisting

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  • Top 5 C/C++ quality bugs

    on Jul 14, 09 • by Alen Zukich • with 1 Comment

    A recent article on the top five causes of poor software quality and top 5 non-technical mistakes inspired me to also provide a top five on software quality bugs.  Here is my top 5 list of bugs (with some simple examples) that I see time and time again looking at customer code: 1.    Null Pointer dereference This is far and beyond the most common issue that I see time and time again. void npd_gen_must() { int *p = 0; // NULL is assigned. *p = 1;  // pointer is dereferenced } Now this example is

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  • Bugs and your Backlog

    on Jul 7, 09 • by Todd Landry • with No Comments

    There was a recent blog on whether or not you should have bugs (that were not found during the most recent iteration) added to your product backlog, or kept in a separate bug backlog. Here at Klocwork we have a defect database that is closely monitored by Support, dev, PM, and so on…suffice it to say, it has a high degree of visibility within the organization and will probably never go away. Being an Agile company we also have a product backlog that is reviewed daily and prioritized regularly. Every two weeks (coinciding with our

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  • Review of Klocwork Java Analysis

    on Jul 6, 09 • by Brendan Harrison • with No Comments

    Here’s a short blog review of Klocwork Solo by Jeanne Boyarsky. Klocwork Solo is a downloadable Eclipse plug-in for Java. Aside from a few installation hiccups, it’ s a good review with kudos for the range of checkers we provide in the default configuration. Try it out yourself and let us know what you think

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