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  • Dogfooding

    on Apr 27, 10 • by Alen Zukich • with No Comments


    Dogfooding?  Is this the process of making sure Rover is well fed?  Maybe it’s a movement of people eating dog food?  Or maybe Rover IS the dinner (cue animal activists).  No, dogfooding is coined from the saying “Eating one’s own dog food”. So what on earth am I talking about.  Well first I’m breaking a golden rule here when it comes to blogging which is talking about your company (I don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight).  Klocwork does eat its own dog food.  We call this KonK – Klocwork on Klocwork. So why is this

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  • Klocwork Announces Support for the MISRA Coding Standards

    on Apr 27, 10 • by Meranda Powers • with No Comments

    Support for popular software development coding standards combined with advanced defect detection provides embedded customers with significant value in one tool Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, SAN JOSE, Calif. — Apr 27, 2010 — Klocwork, Inc., the global leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving developer productivity, today announced the extension of its static analysis capabilities to support compliance with the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) coding standards. Klocwork Insight now provides built-in, automated detection and reporting for MISRA–C:2004 and MISRA–C++:2008. Originally intended to provide guidance to facilitate safe and reliable software

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  • Dr Dobb’s: When Quality, Security Count

    on Apr 22, 10 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    ACI Worldwide is a provider of payments software to banks and merchants around the world. With more than 800 software engineers working in development centers in seven time zones, issues such as software quality and security are critical to ACI’s success. As director of security engineering, its my job to ensure that our code base is bug-free and intruder resistant, while continually improving the software’s overall quality. These concerns aren’t new. They’ve been our mantra since the company was founded more than three decades ago. We decided several years ago that the best way to

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  • DZone: Code Review Tools and Techniques

    on Apr 21, 10 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    Compared to other development activities, code review tends to have less published resources available to help developers stay abreast of the latest review methods, tooling, and best practices. Arming developers with the knowledge of code review tools and techniques can increase efficiency and reduce the painfulness of the code inspection process. Making checklists, delegating roles, and implementing reading techniques help developers conduct more focused code reviews, resulting in higher code quality. Code review and inspection doesn’t have to be manual in all areas. Compiler warnings, static analysis software, and issue/defect tracking can make reviews and

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  • 5th Annual Klocwork Customer Advisory Board

    on Apr 20, 10 • by Todd Landry • with No Comments

    Just got back from our 5th annual Klocwork Customer Advisory Board, graciously hosted in hot and sunny Phoenix, Arizona by one of our top customers. These events are now running like, umm, clockwork, as we have come up with a winning recipe that mixes a nice combination of Klocwork delivered material and customer delivered material over the course of 2 days. We had a great mix of ‘seasoned veterans’ and new members to this year’s CAB which worked out extremely well. We decided to add a keynote speaker to kick our meetings off, which by

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  • SD Times: Making the Case for Code Review

    on Apr 20, 10 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    April 20, 2010 — The practice of code review is a lot like going to the gym: You know it’s good for you, but you don’t always do it. A study by Forrester Research released at the end of March found that code review processes are often ad hoc in nature and have not kept pace with the increasing complexity of software development. Further, the study found that organizations do not make the time to institute code review as a formal part of the development process. Gwyn Fisher, CTO at code analysis software company Klocwork,

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  • False False Positives

    on Apr 14, 10 • by Brendan Harrison • with No Comments

    Our partners at Code Integrity have a good blog that touches on many of the benefits and barriers to static analysis within a development organization. They have an interesting post on “False false positives” – a great phrase that captures one of the key challenges in developer adoption of the technology. While increased sophistication means that static analysis tools can catch more problems with a higher degree of accuracy, the burden increases on the reviewer of the results to interpret them correctly. If you were grep’ing through some code for something you can quickly review (and dismiss)

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  • If Agile is going Lean, then get it right

    on Apr 8, 10 • by Eric Hollebone • with 3 Comments


    There has been a start to bring the concepts of  lean manufacturing  into agile development. Recently, Mike Cottmeyer in How to Build a Large Agile Organization proposes that Agile on its own is not enough for a large organization.  In his view, Agile falls short and needs to be supplemented by additional methodologies like Lean or Kanban when coordinating outside the development team. If adoption of Agile is impeded by its very nature in large organizations and Kanban is the proposed answer, then the Agile solution is insufficient. Agile needs to expand its scope to be relevant and useful

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  • CTOEdge: Rethinking the Application Code Review Process

    on Apr 6, 10 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    New approaches to application development, coupled with the availability of a plethora of online collaboration tools, are going to change the way IT organizations handle application code reviews. At the moment, most IT organizations continue to favor in-person code reviews. In a perfect world, this may even be preferable, given the value of face time between developers. But in reality, development teams are distributed around the globe, and all the key stakeholders involved in a given project can’t provide their input in person. For these reasons, a new study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf

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  • Klocwork Starts 2010 With A Record Q1

    on Apr 6, 10 • by Meranda Powers • with No Comments

    Bookings growth from all channels and geographies fuels continued momentum BURLINGTON, Mass. — Apr 06, 2010 — Klocwork, Inc., the global leader in automated source code analysis (SCA) solutions for improving developer productivity, today announced it achieved strong quarterly bookings growth for the quarter ending March 31, 2010. The company achieved a more than 28 percent growth in bookings as compared to Q1 2009. The growth was across all channels and geographies with more than 60 percent of bookings from new customers who decided to make Klocwork part of their development process. Klocwork has been

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