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  • The Co-op Experience (Part I)

    on Jan 27, 11 • by Kevin Welsh • with 1 Comment

    Leap of Faith

    After six years of post-secondary education, my first day of the real world had finally come.   As I approached the doors to Klocwork, I realized it was time to put all my years of education to the test. Straight out of high school, I had little idea of what career path I should take. Four years of university passed and I graduated with a B.A. in English, but still, I didn’t feel prepared. Another two years of college in media-related studies and, ready or not, it was time to make the leap into the working

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  • Porting gotchas

    on Jan 25, 11 • by Alen Zukich • with 2 Comments

    Top 10 porting issues

    If you’ve ever gone through the process of porting an application, you know the pain.  Porting can be difficult if you’re not vigilant from the outset.  There are tons of written guidelines and best practices for specific platforms or architectures, such as those going to 64 bit for Windows apps or Intel architecture and Mac OS. In the past, we have talked about Endian issues, which are very specific to porting from different architectures (big-endian vs little-endian).  This time I want to take you through some general porting issues to show you how you can

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  • Patterns of Bugs

    on Jan 18, 11 • by Brendan Harrison • with 1 Comment

    Patterns of Bugs

    Nice blog post from Walter Bright over at Dr. Dobbs on the Patterns of Bugs. He ties together bug patterns, recommended process changes, and the resulting productivity payoff from making these improvements. He recommends a bunch of process changes, including static analysis, code reviews, and coding standards, then goes on to review examples of different bug patterns. A few can be detected with static analysis (coding mistakes as written) but many are errors with the code as intended (something static analysis doesn’t check… that’s what testing is for). His main recommendation seems to be that

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  • Klocwork Joins Forces with Logic Technology to Help Embedded Software Developers Boost Productivity While Addressing Quality and Security Issues

    on Jan 17, 11 • by Meranda Powers • with No Comments

    New reseller relationship extends Klocwork’s reach in Germany and Benelux markets BURLINGTON, Mass — Jan 17, 2011 — Klocwork, Inc, the global leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving developer productivity, today announced a reseller and services partnership with Logic Technology, a leading provider of software development tools for the European embedded market. The agreement adds Klocwork Insight and Klocwork Insight Pro to Logic Technology’s product portfolio to help embedded software developers ensure the quality and security of their source code. "We’re seeing embedded development teams facing significant productivity challenges as they deal

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  • Medical Devices Roadshow – Minneapolis style

    on Jan 14, 11 • by Todd Landry • with 2 Comments


    Yesterday we did our second Medical Devices software seminar, this time in snowy and cold Minneapolis. Say what you will about the weather, but this city is built for winter…it has various overhead ‘tunnels’ called ‘skyways‘ connecting what seemed to be the entire downtown core, so you rarely ever need to go outside. Anyways, our seminar drew the interest of over 75% of registrants, mostly software engineers and QA, so really another great turnout. The format was the same as our Boston event, with the same players from SterlingTech, Klocwork (duh) and Vector Software. There

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  • In standards we unite, in agile we diverge

    on Jan 11, 11 • by Patti Murphy • with 2 Comments


    What comes first—the process or the tool? Yes. Any tool worth its salt should integrate into existing processes and tools. What’s interesting and informative is seeing the similarities and differences in how the same tool is applied in different organizations, across continents and oceans. The emphasis on quality unites everyone, but the level to which agile is adopted is what makes static analysis markets different. No one knows this more than Mark Grice, Klocwork Director and Manager of the International Reseller/Partner Network, and Steve Howard, head of Partner Support in Europe. Trying to talk to

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  • Klocwork Closes Record 2010

    on Jan 10, 11 • by Meranda Powers • with No Comments

    Year highlighted by strong revenue and customer growth, along with continued product innovation BURLINGTON, Mass — Jan 10, 2011 — Klocwork, Inc, the global leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving developer productivity, today marked the close of a successful 2010 fiscal year. The company ended the year by posting a 31 percent growth in revenue as compared to 2009, along with record bookings for the year. Klocwork’s customer base also grew by 21 percent, and the Company now counts more than 800 customers worldwide. "We went into 2010 well positioned to make

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  • Is RSS dead?

    on Jan 6, 11 • by Alen Zukich • with 2 Comments

    RSS feed

    Well no, far from it, but there has been an interesting post on this and other discussions from the browser makers themselves.  Namely Firefox has removed the RSS feed from the toolbar in 4.0.  This has sparked much conversation to bring that back. The main reason for this is that it simply is not used, therefore having it so prominent is unnecessary.  Furthermore all sites already provide this capability on their pages, so why include one on the browser too?  There are some interesting counters to this and I suggest you have a read. This

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