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  • Hacking an automobile: When software security is life-critical

    on Aug 21, 12 • by Brendan Harrison • with 1 Comment


    Software security assurance for embedded software is a big challenge. This article on embedded systems and automobile security summarizes it nicely: White hats are increasingly looking beyond PCs and data centres for security vulnerabilities that have plagued the computer industry for decades and focusing on products like cars, medical devices and electricity meters that run on tiny computers embedded in those products. For embedded software teams to become the target of hackers is a big change. While website owners and developers of cloud applications or PC software are used to all this attention from hackers,

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  • An enterprise Apache Tomcat clustering guide – part 2

    on Aug 3, 12 • by Andrew Carr • with No Comments

    Server room

    Part 2 of our series focusing on increasing your system's availability by leveraging Apache tomcat clustering.

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