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With over a decade spent in web process analysis and optimization, I now manage the web presence and online marketing channels for Rogue Wave Software. I love to follow technology, privacy and security issues online and am a technology geek at heart. I will try to post interesting news and developments in the software security industry. Dovahkiin!

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Having spent the last 12 years in various marketing communications roles within technology companies, I’m currently responsible for Klocwork’s outbound programs and PR. Most days, you’ll find me writing about our latest success or planning and executing a new program to spread the word about Klocwork. And from time-to-time, I like to torture co-workers with unsolicited cat videos.

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I'm the Marketing Programs Specialist for Klocwork. My hobbies include geocaching and telling too many stories about my pet rabbits. I am a two-time consecutive winner of the Royal LePage colouring contest (1983, 1984) and was a backup dancer for Luba for one performance. I aspire to visit 26 countries – one for every letter of the English alphabet.

Roy Sarkar Follow Roy Sarkar on Twitter 

Roy figured that the best way to learn something is to try and explain it to someone else. After years of explaining things while standing up, he decided the better approach was to do it while sitting down. Beside a poster of a famous starship. Learning from projects in defense, mobile, and game development, Roy figured out one more thing: real code isn't dead but it could be made better.

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Hello, I'm Klocwork's Director of Product Management responsible for the company's product direction. I’m an Electrical Engineering graduate and CSPO. I’ve been with Klocwork for over a decade now including the time before we spun out. My passion is in the development tools space, so expect content related to software development.

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Todd Landry, a Senior Product Manager at Klocwork, is responsible for guiding product direction and ensuring its fit with customer's preferred development processes. With more than 13 years of experience in software product management, he has worked with numerous Agile teams and projects. Todd is a Professional Engineer and a Certified Scrum Product Owner. In his spare time, Todd enjoys golfing, playing hockey, and snowboarding.

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I'm Klocwork's VP of Marketing and responsible for all of the company's product and channel marketing, communications, press relations, and demand generation activities. I've been in the development tools space for almost a decade, so will try to post interesting content related to industry or technology trends that I'm seeing.

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I write stuff down. It’s what I do. When I first heard about UX, I thought it was the next big thing in ugly shoes. Now I know better. It’s actually a misspelling of ox.

Andrew Pomponio 

Andrew Pomponio is an associate enterprise architect on the OSS Support team at Rogue Wave Software. His areas of specialization include networking, Linux, network security including OpenSSL, and operational troubleshooting. He has been working in the industry for three years and is acquiring new skills every day.

Kara Howson 

Kara brings together her broad technical marketing experience and innovative project management skills to drive content marketing efforts at Rogue Wave Software.

Rod Cope 

Rod Cope drives the technology vision for Rogue Wave Software and heads the product management organization. Rod has over 20 years of experience in software development spanning a number of industries including telecommunications, aerospace, healthcare, and manufacturing. Rod was the founder and CTO of OpenLogic, a profitable venture-backed company, and joined Rogue Wave as CTO following the acquisition. Rod holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Software Engineering from the University of Louisville.

Amanda Boughey 

With a journalistic mindset, Amanda enjoys telling a story. Determined to bring experience to her writing, she has immersed herself in the world of technology. Learning as she goes, Amanda adds a new perspective in an industry that is all about the code.

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Marketing is shifting, becoming more analytical and its results should have a direct impact on the bottom line. Originally from the software development side of high-tech, I have landed in marketing via product management. In general, I’m interested in conversations about software development methodologies, website measurement and analytics and marketing automation as well as general topics like marketing and mobile technologies.

Justin Reock 

Justin is the lead architect and director of support and services at Rogue Wave Software. Justin has over 18 years of experience working in various software roles, including development, databases, integration work, quality, training, and technical leadership. His primary focus is on high-performance enterprise open source middleware and messaging.

Martin Bakal 

Marty Bakal is a product leader who grows revenue and pipeline. He is a sales collaborator combining strategy development and execution delivering significant revenue growth. With over 25 years of experience, his expertise spans multiple industries, including medical devices and electronics. Marty is an energetic contributor in key products to make sure they show growth into the future. Some of his areas of expertise include product line engineering (PLE), modeling (UML/SysML), validation and verification testing (V&V), agile development, and Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems.

Tracy Trottier View Tracy Trottier's Linkedin profile

Gwyn Fisher Follow Gwyn Fisher on Twitter View Gwyn Fisher's Linkedin profile

Klocwork CTO

Helen Abbott Follow Helen Abbott on Twitter View Helen Abbott's Linkedin profile

I'm leader of the intrepid User Communication team at Klocwork and have been in the user documentation field for about 14 years. During that time, I've had two children and two husbands. Given the steady decline in the size of doc teams over this period, I'm currently investigating cloning technology in my spare time.

Walter Capitani 

Walter Capitani is the Klocwork product manager for Rogue Wave Software. Walter's diverse industry experience encompasses high-speed satellite radio communications, file distribution applications for broadcast television and cinema, and 3D video compression and transmission technology. Over the last decade, Walter has managed the development and deployment of large content distribution systems for customers such as PBS, CBS Westwood One, Best Buy, and Deluxe Digital Cinema. Although his favorite programming language is C++, Walter has experimented with Assembler, Java, BASIC, and others, but feels that you can’t beat an original!

Ed Stewart 

Ed Stewart is a Sales Engineer with 15 years’ experience in the software industry. Having completed a Ph.D. from the University of Delaware, Ed has a background in experimental fluid dynamics and several published research papers. His current role allows him to help software developers make their lives easier.

Rich Alloway 

Rich has over 19 years of experience in the IT industry specializing in CentOS-based and OpenWRT-based Linux systems, and microwave point-to-point and point-to-multipoint RF engineering. Rich holds a degree in computer science and is a certified master Linux administrator as well as a certified Aperto technician.

Jeff Hildreth 

Jeff is an account executive for Rogue Wave Software. Jeff joined in 2011 and has experience in various aspects of the software industry, including automotive, game development, and standards compliance for ISO 26262 and MISRA. Jeff has spearheaded several partnerships, including Rogue Wave’s participation in the QNX functional safety ecosystem and membership in the GENIVI Alliance. Jeff is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Lizzy Robben 

Majoring in business marketing and strategy and entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Lizzy provides a fresh look as the marketing intern. Learning step by step with a strive to assist in helping Rogue Wave excel.

Chris Gottbrath 

Chris Gottbrath is Principal Product Manager responsible for TotalView and MemoryScape at Rogue Wave Software. He's worked with the TotalView debugger for a total of 14 years in a range of technical and marketing roles. Prior to that he wrote his fair share of bugs in parallel N-body numerical simulations of galaxy dynamics and large-scale structure formation as a graduate student in Tucson, AZ. He has a Masters of Science in Astronomy from the University of Arizona and is a fan of the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Wendy Hou 

Wendy Hou is Principal Product Manager for IMSL Numerical Libraries at Rogue Wave Software. She has more than 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry, lending many organizations her expertise in enterprise databases, hardware and software integration, and application performance, availability, and recoverability. Wendy has consulted for a number of industries, including financial, oil and gas, OEMs, and ISVs. She holds a Master of Applied Mathematics Degree, a Minor in Physics, and various certifications in IT, database, and business intelligence applications.

Christine Bottagaro 

Christine Bottagaro is Chief Marketing Officer for Rogue Wave Software. She leads the marketing organization, driving branding, product messaging and positioning, go-to-market strategy, and sales enablement. Christine designs and drives global growth for technology companies, including Sybase, SAP, and Rally Software. Christine has authored whitepapers and articles on Agile processes, and has defined and instituted Agile Marketing at both Rally and Rogue Wave Software.

Carolyn Denyer Follow Carolyn Denyer on Twitter View Carolyn Denyer's Linkedin profile

I'm an HR business partner at Rogue Wave Software. I have been involved with all aspects of hiring, retaining, motivating, and mediating employees here for over 10 years. If you work here, or have worked here, I will have had the pleasure of working directly with you in some capacity. My blogs will focus on the more humorous aspects of working in HR in the High Tech industry, because, believe me, there is a bottomless pit of such material.

Julia Smith 

Julia brings an artistic flare to the technology world with her passion for event planning and software development. Always fascinated by the ever changing dynamic of technology, she strives to create interesting and educational events for people across a variety of industries.

Andrew Carr 

Andrew is a enterprise solutions architect at Rogue Wave Software. He has been working in the IT industry since 1996, ranging from hardware and networking to application development. Andrew’s #1 specialty is Apache Tomcat, and he is recognized in the Tomcat community as a subject matter expert, assisting the Tomcat open source project in many ways.

Alan McKellar 

Alan McKellar has spent over 17 years building and leading self-actualized and collaborative software development teams at Procter & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, and CA Technologies. Alan's teams have developed products for a wide range of enterprise customers covering telecommunications, entertainment, healthcare, and financial services such as NTT DoCoMo, Verizon, Disney, Washington University, and Deutsche Bank. Alan holds a Masters in Information Systems and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

Jessica Jaclin Follow Jessica Jaclin on Twitter View Jessica Jaclin's Linkedin profile

Jessica Jaclin is principal product manager for Rogue Wave Software and sets the product direction for the Klocwork static code analysis tool. With over 15 years of experience in related technology, Jessica's background includes experience in software design and development, consulting, training, and support. Jessica is based in Orlando, Florida.

Bill Burns 

Helping developers quickly find and fix tough issues in their code so that they can create great applications is what the TotalView group at Rogue Wave Software is dedicated in doing. As director of the group and CSPO, I’m passionate about listening to the customers needs and working with my team of talented engineers to find great solutions for helping fellow developers accelerate their development of great code.

Richard Sherrard 

​Richard is the director of product management at Rogue Wave Software focused on open source governance solutions. Past experiences with software component reuse within applications and the challenges this brings to an organization makes him an advocate for enabling the proper control mechanisms around open source usage within organizations. Richard brings nearly 20 years of experience in the software industry to Rogue Wave. Prior to Rogue Wave he held product management positions with Black Duck Software, Borland Software, and Segue Software.

Tendai Munetsi 

Tendai is an enterprise solutions architect at Rogue Wave Software. He has over 25 years of experience as a software developer utilizing languages like C, C++, and Java. He has acted as an architect and development leader in the implementation of a number of mission-critical systems for companies in a range of industries. He is a Sun-certified Java Developer and a Certified ScrumMaster.

Ido Benmoshe 

Ido Benmoshe is VP, global support and professional services, responsible for professional services, training, certification programs, technical support, and solution consulting.

Mike Laginski View Mike Laginski's Linkedin profile

Klocwork President & CEO

Vahid Jozi Follow Vahid Jozi on Twitter View Vahid Jozi's Linkedin profile

Technical sales and Subscription renewals a.k.a. "The Android Guy"

Eric Cloninger Follow Eric Cloninger on Twitter View Eric Cloninger's Linkedin profile

Eric got his start in electronics by disassembling radios at age 10 and putting them back together. Before he could legally drive, he was installing stereos in his friends' pickups. From there came obsessions with kites, basketball, girls, computers, tools, guitars, baseball, woodworking, photography, golf, and kayaking with varying degrees of success. Eric lives where there are few trees, little water, and no mountains, but he dreams...

Don Boughey 

As a Senior Director of Software Support and PV-WAVE Engineering, Don is responsible for managing the post-sales support organizations as well as the PV-WAVE development organization. Over the years, he has worked in various technical and managerial positions including: support engineer, product developer, technical consultant, senior trainer, consulting director, support director and PV-WAVE product manager. Don has 30 years experience in the software industry primarily focused on system integration and graphics. Don earned his B.S. in Computer Science from Colorado State University.

Roxy Cramer 

Roxy Cramer is a PhD statistician for the IMSL Numerical Libraries at Rogue Wave Software. Roxy specializes in applying and developing software for data science applications. Her current research interests include statistical methods and machine learning algorithms for distributed data.

Andy Knapp 

Joining Rogue Wave Software from Cryptzone and Black Duck Software, Andy Knapp leads sales teams covering Europe, Middle East, and Africa as vice president, EMEA sales. An experienced information technology sales and business leader with a track record of delivering outstanding results in challenging market conditions, Andy delivers success by focusing on core sales skills, creativity, and a sense of humor. Andy has proven successful in a range of sales leadership roles, including PaaS, middleware, security, application life-cycle management, open source, enterprise systems management, CX applications, data loss prevention, and network security.

Dave McLoughlin 

Dave McLoughlin is the director of open source auditing services at Rogue Wave. He joined OpenLogic in 2006 with over 20 years experience in the software industry. He has experience in product management and pre- and post-sales support with companies that include Netscape, Frame Technology, and Motive Communications.

Aldin Basic 

Aldin is an account executive for Rogue Wave Software. Aldin has been with Rogue Wave for over three years and has worked with a large number of verticals, including medical devices, telecom, information technology, financial services, and private equity. His primary focus is open source compliance and security mitigation. In his spare time, Aldin can be seen playing foosball, talking about Game of Thrones, and dabbling in body art projects.

Mike Hagan 

Mike Hagan is a senior software engineer on the OpenLogic enhanced support for CentOS team at Rogue Wave Software. His areas of expertise include CentOS, C++, C, C++ Standard Template Library, and Agile. Mike's experience is broad and ranges from open source to HPC, EDA, and factory automation.

Denis Sidorov 

Klocwork Development Lead

Alan Weekes View Alan Weekes's Linkedin profile

Director, Customer Success

Steve Howard 

Steve Howard has over 15 years’ experience in safety-critical and mission-critical software development, working with verification and validation tools. He has background in all of the major software safety standards for aviation, medical, nuclear, industrial, automotive, and rail sectors.

Art Dahnert Follow Art Dahnert on Twitter View Art Dahnert's Linkedin profile

Art Dahnert is a distinguished software security engineer with over 17 years experience delivering world-class software products that have shipped on schedule and continue to meet the needs of millions of customers world-wide. He has worked on multiple teams within a large multinational corporation, as well as at small companies with only one development team. From very early in his career he worked on security products, and ever since has maintained parallel focus on security within the development process. He has performed numerous application security assessments as a consultant, focused on diverse technologies, and is experienced in over 17 different programming languages. He is currently Security Product Manager at Klocwork, and previously has worked at Trustwave Spider Labs, Symantec, Overwatch, Schlumberger, and BMC.

Claude Martin 

Claude is the manager of development and product for the Visualization portfolio at Rogue Wave Software.

Eric Weidner 

Eric Weidner is senior director product development for OpenLogic.

Vikas Mehta 

Vikas Mehta is a senior software engineer at Rogue Wave Software. He is also pursuing a master’s degree in computer science at University of Colorado, Boulder with a focus on data engineering.

Joe Carder 

Joe is an enterprise solutions architect with the Rogue Wave Open Source Support team. He's been working in IT for the past 19 years, with 10 of those years specializing in web and application based enterprise solutions. He focuses currently on Apache Web Server and J2EE technologies.

Chris Fenn 

Chris Fenn is an account manager at Rogue Wave Software and works with some of the world’s largest enterprises to ensure they maximize the benefits of static code analysis. He has significant experience in project management and operations both inside and outside of the software world.

Connor Penhale 

With over a decade of experience in enterprise software architecture, engineering, and operations for the Fortune 500, Connor is working to build and support cloud native solutions for Rogue Wave Software's customers around the world.

Shuddhasatwa Bhattacharya 

With over two decades in enterprise architecture, integration, SOA methodology, and data standards development, Shuddhasatwa implements technology solutions for clients worldwide. Rogue Wave is the company he keeps, while his love interest has been OpenStack since 2012.

Kevin Welsh Follow Kevin Welsh on Twitter View Kevin Welsh's Linkedin profile

Technical Writer

Michail Greshishchev 

Michail is a technical lead at Rogue Wave Software and an engineer with a passion for reverse engineering. His hobbies include disassembly and static and dynamic analysis of both software and hardware. In his spare time, he enjoys indie game development and working on machine learning projects.

Cathie Adeney 

I’m a country girl in a high tech world. My goal is to balance my passion for quality software and connectivity with the customer with my chickens and country life. I head up the quality department for Klocwork at Rogue Wave Software, driving repeatable process, continued automation, and customer involvement. Spearheading the KlocTalk Beta program and continually looking for ways to interact and engage the customer is what it’s all about.

Jennifer Locke 

Jennifer Locke is the product manager for IMSL Numerical Libraries at Rogue Wave Software. She has a a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from The College of the Ozarks and works directly with development and architecture teams providing insight, direction, and value-added solutions. Jennifer has been with Rogue Wave Software for 18 years in both pre-sales and computational development roles. Prior to her current role she was a senior member of the IMSL Numerical Libraries development staff for over 10 years.

Stephane Raynaud 

Stephane Raynaud is director, field technical services at Rogue Wave Software. He has extensive experience in high performance, C++ based software architectures. Among Stephane’s many accomplishments are the development of large and small customer-driven software applications through Rogue Wave professional services. His focus has been on the financial services industry and has led to a wide range of projects, from quantitative analysis to low-latency systems development, including some recent work to address advanced CPU cache optimization for multicore processors. Stephane is managing a team of professional software engineers dedicated to helping Rogue Wave customers build better, faster, and safer applications.

Vince Cox 

Vince has worked in the IT industry for 27 years, as a C developer, a systems administrator, a DBA, and a network engineer. He focuses on infrastructure architecture and open source server technologies, ranging from web servers to authorization technologies like LDAP.

Trevor Reid 

Trevor Reid is the technical team lead of QA at Rogue Wave Software. A purveyor of all things automation, Trevor strives to turn everything he can into an automated process. If you can do something good once, let computers do it again thousands of times over daily. In his spare time, Trevor dabbles in indie game development.

Scott Mills 

Scott is a senior automated test developer within the Klocwork quality assurance team by day, and a rock bass player by night. He has over 15 years’ experience in the automation tools industry and uses them on a daily basis. Whether he is tinkering test cases or make big changes to the framework; Scott is always efficient and methodical at what he does.

Ahmed Abdelrahman 

Ahmed Abdelrahman is a DevOps/Build and Release Engineer at Rogue Wave Software. He started in this line of work 5 years ago working at various companies, such as QNX Software Systems, observing different processes and applying them. He architected the recent SCM migration and led the team to ensure it was executed with the desired result. “No task is too big for a DevOps mentality and that is something that I strive to do. There is always a way to get the end result done and have a streamlined process.”

Larry Edelstein 

Larry Edelstein is a sales engineer at Rogue Wave Software. He has been working software development for over 28 years. From mainframes to desktops to the EC2 cloud, he has seen platforms and practices come and go. Larry has worked with a number of companies throughout his career – from start-up to well established industry leaders creating software, leveraging his systems engineering expertise and mentoring junior engineers. Larry has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Cornell University and lives in the Bay area.

Shashank Bommaganti 

Shashank Bommaganti is the product owner for Klocwork at Rogue Wave Software. Prior to joining Rogue Wave, Shashank worked for Ericsson and Nortel for over a decade where he focussed on building mission-critical, carrier-grade products for some of the world’s largest telecommunications vendors. Shashank holds an electrical engineering degree from Dalhousie University and an MBA from Ivey Business School at Western University and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Ted Smith 

Ted Smith leads the development organization and IT for Rogue Wave Software, as well as compliance for Information Security and Business Continuity. Ted has more than 30 years of experience in technology, product development and data center operations, spanning telecommunications, outsourcing, environmental sustainability, and enterprise application integration. Prior to Rogue Wave, Ted was Vice President of Product Development at IHS and held positions as Project Executive at IBM, business unit CIO at US WEST, and Partner at BizTek Intl. Ted has a Bachelor of Arts from Metropolitan State University and a Master of Science degree in Systems Management from the University of Denver, is a PMP, CSM, CSPO, and is certified in TQM.

Allie Burgess 

Allie Burgess is a true Colorado native. She grew up in Superior, Colorado and attended Monarch High School. From there, she decided to stay in Colorado and study marketing at CU Boulder. She greatly enjoys spending time outdoors and enjoying the ever-changing weather. A recent CU graduate and intern at Rogue Wave Software, she plans to pursue a career in marketing in the beautiful state of California.

Mike Bessuille 

Mike is the senior director, product development, for Klocwork at Rogue Wave Software and is passionate about building high performance agile teams that deliver exceptional quality.

Ian McLeod 

With a passion for the software tools industry, Ian McLeod heads Rogue Wave Software research and development, support, and product management teams. Ian has over 20 years experience in product management and engineering leadership roles, most recently as EVP and Chief Product Officer for SmartBear Software. Earlier in his career, Ian served in senior management roles at PHT Corporation, Segue Software (acquired by Borland), Rational Software (acquired by IBM) and GTE Internetworking. Ian started his career at GE as part of the Edison Engineering Program, where he earned his master's degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute , after earning a bachelor's degree at Lehigh University.

Ian Goldsmith 

Ian Goldsmith is responsible for product management of the suite of Akana API management, API security, and microservices solutions, from Rogue Wave Software.

Dennis Olsen 

Dennis is an open source auditor at Rogue Wave Software. He has a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and began his career as a bicycle mechanic. He approaches the software auditing process just like bike maintenance – always be meticulous and try not to screw anything up.

Valerie Douglas 

Valerie Douglas is a senior OSS auditor on the open source audit team at Rogue Wave Software. She studied business and computer science, receiving a bachelor of science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver. Valerie has worked in computer operations in a large data center, computer training, consulting and technical support, as well as a software developer. Her area of expertise is identifying open source code, and the software’s provenance within applications, as well as helping customers understand open source licensing and compliance with the legal obligations those licenses present.

Cal Evans 

Cal Evans is the technical manager for Zend training and certification at Rogue Wave Software. For the past 10 years Cal has worked with PHP and MySQL on Linux OSX, and when necessary, Windows. He has built on a variety of projects ranging in size from simple web pages to multi-million dollar web applications.

Shilpa Mishra 

Shilpa is the senior IP analyst specializing in certification and compliance at Rogue Wave Software. She specializes in certification and compliance of open source licenses. Auditing client’s code and taking a step-by-step procedure in order to comply with OSS license requirements.

Dean Stewart 

Dean Stewart has 14 years experience as a sales engineer with Rogue Wave Software which includes software tools and components for creating, debugging and testing secure and reliable applications.

Chavirat Burapadecha 

Chavirat is an OSS auditor at Rogue Wave Software. She studied computer engineering and information systems at the University of Colorado. She not only researches open source projects, but develops software to support the open source audit team.

Arturo Suarez 

Arturo is the director of product management for OpenLogic and Zend at Rogue Wave Software. Open source advocate for as long as he can remember. Created the first commercial distribution of OpenStack in 2010, designed and delivered Open Infrastructure services and products (literally) across the globe (The Vatican, Tibet, Malawi, Bolivia, South Africa, Australia, as exotic examples). Pioneered Infrastructure Managed Services offerings on Open Infrastructure. Part of the team creating the official Kubernetes, OpenStack, and Linux certifications. MBA from IE Business School. Austinite from Madrid, world traveler, aspirational wine connoisseur.

John Saboe 

John is an enterprise architect on the OSS Support team at Rogue Wave Software. John has over 10 years of experience working in technology, including software development, application security, embedded and real-time software, networks and protocols, software architecture, training, R&D, and technical leadership. His most recent focus has been on enterprise Java applications, open source messaging frameworks, and security.

Claude Bolduc 

Claude Bolduc has been a static code analysis enthusiast and practitioner since doing his Ph.D. in formal methods at Laval University, Canada. Claude has worked for different companies on topics such as static analysis and automatic code generation for embedded systems. Claude now leads the software analysis team for the Klocwork product at Rogue Wave Software. He has special interest in safety and security standards and improving the quality of software everywhere.

Stuart Foster 

Stuart Foster is the Klocwork product owner for Rogue Wave Software. His industry experience extends from consumer apps to enterprise software developed and deployed on platforms ranging from physical and mobile devices all the way to the cloud. Stuart believes in developing products, features, and functionality that fit customer business needs and help developers produce secure, reliable, and defect-free code.

William Crowell 

Bill has over 25 years of experience working in various software roles related to full stack development, including user interface, middleware, databases, security, DevOps, training, and mentorship. He has implemented solutions and provided support for Fortune 500 companies. His primary focus is on applying open source in the enterprise.

Rick Vincent 

Rick is a passionate technologist and servant-leader with expertise in product management, services, and selling. He brings his expertise of solving challenges with amazing tools and people to his current role as a senior sales engineer and cloud architect with the OpenLogic team.

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