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  • Refactoring – if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it

    on Oct 14, 10 • by Alen Zukich • with 1 Comment

    10-24-2012 11-57-51 AM

    I recently read a book by Peter Ritchie called “Refactoring with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010” and thought I would give my review. Great book to really help you get started with Refactoring.  Ritchie first goes into an introduction of refactoring and some of the tools available in Visual Studio 2010.  He then provides techniques to help you identify code that might need to be refactored along with examples and step by step procedures to refactor the code. The focus of this book is not necessarily with Visual Studio 2010, as many of the refactoring examples

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  • Refactoring vs. Rewriting: Why it matters

    on Aug 31, 10 • by Eric Hollebone • with 3 Comments


    As new words and concepts diffuse in to wider use, their definitions become simpler or broaden to cover more scope.  Like the kid’s telephone game, each time the concept is passed to another developer, the information gets a little more muddled. In software development, declaration, macros, syntax and other programming constructs have to be exact or the compilers will fail.  Yet, when developers discuss concepts about programming, most of the time, that precision of language is lost. The telephone game  seems to have happened to refactoring.  I subscribe to what would be consider the  “classic” definition of  refactoring

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  • Refactoring vs. Refuctoring

    on Feb 2, 10 • by Alen Zukich • with 2 Comments

    "Giant tar pit of hell"

    Refactoring is a vital component for software developers, helping to prevent their projects from becoming unusable, and unmaintainable spaghetti code. Equally important to some developers, is the notion of refuctoring…check out this tongue in cheek look at Refactoring vs. Refuctoring. Be sure to check out the slide deck at the end. Refuctoring describes the process of making your code unmaintainable by anybody but yourself.  I love some of the examples of Refuctoring such as “Pig Latin”, “Treasure Hunt” and my personal favorite “Stating the Bleeding Obvious”: For example: //initialize a to 1 int a=1; Not

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