Cloud adoption driving greater embrace of DevOps

Cloud adoption driving greater embrace of DevOps

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A new survey revealed that as cloud computing becomes more common, firms' interest in DevOps is growing to an unprecedented degree...

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Without a doubt, cloud computing is among the most significant technologies to emerge in recent years. The benefits of the cloud are obvious, and countless businesses in every industry have taken steps to harness this technology's potential. The expansion of cloud-based solutions is having a wide range of effects on these organizations.

One such impact is the growing influence of DevOps. As ZDNet contributor Joe McKendrick recently highlighted, a new survey from RightScale revealed that as cloud computing becomes more common, firms' interest in DevOps is growing to an unprecedented degree.

The cloud and DevOps
The survey included insight from more than 1,000 IT managers and professionals. These participants were asked to reveal whether their organizations utilized cloud computing resources and how these initiatives correspond to DevOps efforts, among other topics.

The study found that 94 percent of firms now use cloud computing in some capacity. The majority of respondents said their organizations use both public and private cloud deployments.

Such adoption rates are perhaps unsurprising. What is more noteworthy, though, is the extent to which DevOps is now practiced. McKendrick noted that nearly two-thirds of companies participating in the survey have adopted this tactic. When a similar survey was conducted last year, this figure stood at only 54 percent.

As McKendrick explained, cloud computing allows every developer to effectively act as a data center operator, and allows every piece of software to remain running at all times. Perhaps most importantly, the cloud enables rapid release schedules. This is critical for DevOps, which depends on collaboration and communication between diverse team members for success. Greater access to data and other corporate assets is critical for ensuring that such efforts remain smooth and effective.

"DevOps is a key strategy, since it is a merging of the brain power of developers, who tend to prefer to work in free-form style, with that of operations people, who like to stick with schedules and routines," McKendrick wrote.

Cloud computing solutions are obviously invaluable tools for firms eager to take full advantage of DevOps. But they aren't the only necessities. For firms to fully embrace this software development strategy, other tools are necessary. For example, businesses should consider deploying code review solutions. These are vital, as they enable numerous authorized users to access a single code simultaneously, thereby maximizing collaborative capabilities across the board.

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