Firms must overcome DevOps misconceptions

Firms must overcome DevOps misconceptions

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Industry expert Peter Waterhouse highlighted several of the most common myths surrounding DevOps...

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Without a doubt, DevOps is among the most significant trends now taking sway in the realm of software development. Countless businesses have already embraced DevOps strategies, with many more considering following suit. Yet despite this growing popularity, DevOps remains somewhat misunderstood. If a firm's leaders do not have an accurate, robust understanding of this area, they can't possibly leverage such strategies for their own business.

With that in mind, industry expert Peter Waterhouse, writing for InformationWeek, highlighted several of the most common myths surrounding DevOps.

Mistaken impressions
One of the most deleterious myths surrounding DevOps is that it is something only young workers are well-suited for. Many believe that DevOps is ideal only for "a new breed of blended professional: a 'silo busting' individual tooled up with everything from automated configuration to production code simulation," according to Waterhouse.

In reality, Waterhouse explained, DevOps can be utilized just as effectively by experienced developers. This is critical, because it means that businesses can embrace DevOps strategies without necessarily seeking out new personnel – existing employees can often step into these new roles.

On a somewhat related note, Waterhouse highlighted another myth shared by many businesses: that DevOps does not apply to their organizations for one reason or another.

"Many organizations argue that the principles of DevOps don't apply because they've outsourced operations or don't have an application development function," Waterhouse explained. "Others surmise that because they're in the product making business or government service delivery, any movement based on driving continuous change has no place in their 'ain't broke, don't fix it' world."

This line of thinking is faulty, according to the writer. Put simply, software plays an integral role for a tremendous range of companies, including many that may seem unaffected by such concerns. Firms of all kinds can and should embrace DevOps and related solutions, such as code review tools, in order to discover new opportunities and improve offerings.

On the flip side, though, it is important to avoid the opposite fallacy: that DevOps is a cure-all. For all the benefits DevOps can offer, its effectiveness for a given company will ultimately rest with the quality of its developers and the firm's leadership. Without qualified personnel and effective tools in place, no DevOps strategy can possibly yield satisfactory results. DevOps should be seen as a valuable tool, one which must be utilized correctly to prove worthwhile. 

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