HPC market continues to grow

Growth of the HPC industry

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From ScicomP last month, to HP-CAST, ISC, and Forum Ter@tec this month - HPC is everywhere. The growth and innovation we see around HPC is very exciting...

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A few weeks ago I presented at the OpenPower Day at ScicomP. This is a conference focused on IBM HPC Systems Scientific Computing User Group, held in NYC because Mount Sinai Hospital has been investing and supporting the HPC community.

My talk (view the slides online) was focused on what we, at Rogue Wave Software and especially our TotalView for HPC product team, have been doing to advance technologies, focused on HPC, with our work on open debugging standards. It was wonderful to have such an engaged audience, asking lots of questions and generally excited about both our new user interface and the direction we are taking TotalView for HPC.

Around the conference, it was amazing to see and hear about all of the new innovation, especially in the medical industry, that is occurring because of the growth in the HPC industry. It is allowing doctors and researching to analyze client data more quickly and draw conclusions based on that data. This includes research focuses around cell biology and protein through different types of life science work.

I am excited about the role our products play in such a diverse and growing market, that the rest of the computer industry is learning from. The trend overall in the computer industry is towards multiprocess and multithreaded applications, and HPC leads that innovation.

I am looking forward to seeing more HPC innovation this month at HP-CAST, ISC, and Forum Teratec. If you’d like to talk HPC, enterprise-scale dynamic analysis, debugging, and more, be sure to attend our presentations at these events or set up a meeting with me in advance to talk about what’s new with our dynamic analysis products, TotalView for HPC and CodeDynamics.

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