Streamline your sessions with improved data debugging

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CodeDynamics and TotalView have added improved debugging features and capabilities so that developers can quickly understand, diagnose, and fix issues in your complex C, C++, Fortran, and Python code...

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TotalView for HPC and CodeDynamics continue to help with the intuitive diagnosis and fast resolution of bugs, memory issues, and crashes at execution.

With the latest release, 2018.1, both products have added improved debugging features and capabilities so that you can quickly understand, diagnose, and fix issues in your complex C, C++, Fortran, and Python code.

Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements in 2018.1.

Easily choose the new or classic user interface in TotalView

Did you know that a new user interface (UI) for TotalView is in development and available for you to try out now? The new UI brings a modern, clean, and more efficient debugging experience.

In addition to providing the -newUI command line switch to activate the new UI, you can now select which interface which TotalView should use through the Preferences panel. To change your preference, bring up the Preferences dialog from the File menu, click on the Display tab and set your UI preference. The selected UI will be enabled when you restart TotalView.

Have feedback about the new UI? Send us an email.

TotalView 2018.1

Better data debugging with multiple Data Views

The CodeDynamics Data View is used to explore variables and debug data in your program. This same view is also available to in the new TotalView user interface.

To better manage the display of your data multiple Data Views can now be created by simply clicking the “duplicate view” icon in the toolbar of the Data View. A new Data View will be created and any selected items in the original Data View will be cloned into the new one.

CodeDynamics 2018.1

More information about your data

To find out more information about an expression and your data in the Data View, a Drawer has been added to the view with a new Information tab.

The Data View Information tab displays the expression, scope, thread, type, address, language, and other information for the selected item in the Data View.

The size of the Drawer is easily adjusted by clicking on the grab bar and moving it up or down. Double-clicking on the grab bar will snap it open or closed.

CodeDynamics 2018.1

Better control for processes using fork and exec

CodeDynamics and TotalView now allow you to control how fork(), vfork(), clone() (when used without the CLONE_VM flag), and execve() system calls are handled by the debugger.

Using new command line options or CLI state variables, users can define if the debugger should stop the process, continue the process, or ask whether or not to stop the process when the fork’d or exec’d process is acquired into the debugging session.

For example, to configure CodeDynamics such that when “bash” calls exec, the process will automatically be continued (no questions asked), but have CodeDynamics ask when other processes exec, use the following dset CLI command or product command option:

dset TV::exec_handling {{{^bash$} go} {. ask}}
product -exec_handling '{{^bash$} go} {. ask}'

Above, the was wrapped in an extra set of curly braces to make sure that Tcl did not process the “$” as a variable reference. Setting up fork_handling rules work similarly.

See the TV::exec_handling and TV::fork_handling command line option and state variable documentation in the CodeDynamics or TotalView Reference Guide for more information.

Team Plus License support for Linux PowerLE and Linux ARM64

Licensing is never exciting but for TotalView Linux PowerLE and Linux ARM64 users, we’ve added proper Team Plus license support for their platforms. Prior to this release, customers could only share tokens between these two platforms and no other supported platforms.

With 2018.1, users can now use a Team Plus style license and properly share tokens between Linux PowerLE, Linux ARM64, and Linux x86-64.

Contact if you need to reconfigure your Team Plus license used for your Linux PowerLE or Linux ARM64.

And there’s more…

Release 2018.1 also brings support for CUDA 9.1, Fedora 27, Clang 5, and Intel 2018. In addition, numerous bug fixes and performance improvements also go into each release.

For a full description of all the enhancements and additions, see the what’s new page – CodeDynamics 2018.1 and TotalView 2018.1.

Current customers can request an update to the new version. Or try an evaluation of CodeDynamics or TotalView before purchasing.

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