Clarity through Visualization

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When visualizing complex data and interactions, what sort of GUI tool allows you to build exactly what you want...

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Today’s strategic applications demand highly sophisticated, business-oriented graphical user interfaces (GUIs). These applications must display complex information in great detail to keep users fully informed in real-time. Furthermore, they must be brought to market quickly. Graphical displays have proven to be far better at communicating information than text displays. Representing data graphically in charts, diagrams, and maps, for example, helps users understand complex information and respond rapidly to changing events.

But delivering such graphics in user interfaces isn’t easy. Specialized skills, including graph layout theory, systems architectures, digital mapping, graphics design, and web-deployment technologies are required to create robust solutions that meet the needs of today’s demanding users.

Through its Java, Ajax, C++, Eclipse, and Flex graphics libraries and components, Rogue Wave provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of graphics tools for creating sophisticated, interactive user displays. Rogue Wave’s graphics products enhance decision-making speed and ability by making vast quantities of complex data more comprehensible and manageable for users. Developers can save up to 50 to 80 percent of development time when creating displays with Rogue Wave Visualization.

JViews is our Java-based Visualization product, designed to meet the unique requirements of mission-critical applications and handle huge quantities of data, update automatically in real time, and support unusual or complex user interactions. It does this by:

• Creating sophisticated graphical displays
• Fitting a broad range of industry applications
• Developing applications rapidly with visual editing tools
• Providing a comprehensive Java SDK for exact customization
• Deploying to the desktop with an Ajax-enhanced thin client and Eclipse Rich Client Platform

JViews covers a broad range of industry and problem domains, helping users anywhere create a clear understanding of data and processes. With JViews, users get highly-responsive displays and information formatted for easy comprehension and interaction, resulting in a far richer user experience.

To get a taste of what JViews and other Visualization tools can do for you, visit these amazing interactive demos. To see it for yourself, request an evaluation.

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