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  • Lessons learned from localization Part 3: Test and then test some more

    on Oct 11, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with 3 Comments


    “Take nothing for granted,” is the mantra of every software tester. Add localization to the mix and the level of vigilance goes into hyperdrive. In the spirit of helping others avoid needless pain, I launched this Lessons learned from localization series. In Part 1, we explored documentation pain and coping strategies. Part 2 was development discomfort and solutions. In this final installment, we explore the lessons learned by our testing department, who are known for being generous to a fault, as in “here’s a PR for you, and you, and you…” For this post,

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  • Lessons learned from localization Part 2: Development discomfort

    on Oct 5, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with 4 Comments


    Suffering is only suffering if you learn nothing. When you learn nothing and needlessly perpetuate suffering, that’s where misery comes in. We prefer to be misery-free around here. In the spirit of helping others avoid needless pain, I launched this Lessons learned from localization series. In Part 1, we explored documentation pain and coping strategies. For Part 2, I talked to Russ Sherk, a developer here at Klocwork, who works on our web tools and handles product licensing, to see if he was happy to share some of his survival strategies from our Japanese localization

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  • Lessons learned in localization Part 1: Documentation pain

    on Sep 27, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with 7 Comments


    The big story for our Klocwork Insight 9.6 release was localization for our Japanese market. Prior to this effort, we provided a Japanese version that included a translation of a small portion of the documentation set. Since we’re magnanimous, we felt that others should benefit from our suffering lessons learned from this endeavor. Originally, I’d hoped to do a video for this entitled Crying While Localizing in homage to that fun meme Crying While Eating. But asking one’s colleagues to blubber on camera for minutes at a time while confiding their frustrations was a little too

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  • The business case for source code analysis

    on May 15, 12 • by Brendan Harrison • with No Comments


    Everyone knows this chart, right? The later bugs are introduced, the more they cost. Of course, common sense. But it also happens to be true. As the chart shows, very little bug detection is happening before testing, while a developer is coding. So, if you find more bugs when the cost of repair is least expensive and risky, you’re obviously going to get a big payoff. Ok, so far you haven’t heard anything that every software development professional doesn’t already know. What everyone doesn’t know is that source code analysis can deliver this payoff. We

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  • Perceptual False Positives

    on Mar 13, 12 • by Alen Zukich • with 2 Comments


    As any static analysis or source code analysis vendor will tell you, false positives are a way of life.  As any user will tell you, false positives suck!  So what do you do about them?  Make the tools better at finding the real issues and provide automated filtering capabilities.  But I’m not here to talk about false positives where the tool is utterly wrong.  What I want to talk about today is what I call “perceptual false positives”. I’ve had discussions with customers where they tell me 80% of all their defects are false.  Odd,

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  • It’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve been busy…

    on Jan 17, 12 • by Gwyn Fisher • with 1 Comment


    So it’s that time again, when our team finally gets to sleep for a day or two and get their lives back in order. What am I talking about? Answer: Klocwork Insight 9.5 releases today and boy are we ever happy to see it go live — we’re “out there Jerry” and yes, of course we’re loving every minute of it. This has been a long release, taking significant research and development to bring to fruition, all the while continuing to release more traditional shipments as we went, but finally culminating in a new, game-changing

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  • Klocwork University consolidates learning resources into a single roster

    on Sep 7, 11 • by Patti Murphy • with No Comments


    Klocwork Developer Network presents Klocwork University, which consolidates all our online learning resources onto a single page. Klocwork University is your one stop for self-paced online learning and how-tos about: Setting up and using our static analysis tools on your desktop or integration build The latest trends in software security Agile coding practices and how they intersect with static analysis Klocwork product overviews At Klocwork University you’ll see helpful descriptions of: In-house and partner-generated e-learning courses Video how-tos Webinars After you browse our offerings on the Klocwork University page, click your selection and access your

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  • IDE vs text editor

    on May 10, 11 • by Alen Zukich • with 8 Comments


    I’m sure this topic has been discussed a million times, but hey, here we go again.  A recent question came up on whether people liked their experience of Eclipse vs. Visual Studio.  Of course this brought up the advantages of one versus the other.  But is that really a fair comparison? It really depends.  What type of application are you building — a native Windows application?  Surely going with Visual Studio makes sense. But if the goal is cross-platform, then you might look at Eclipse. Glad to see people are thinking about IDEs, but what

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  • Will source code analysis change developer culture?

    on Apr 26, 11 • by Alen Zukich • with No Comments


    Will source code analysis (SCA) or static analysis change developer culture? The answer really depends on the developer’s skill set. In my experience, there are developers who are excellent at what they do (visionaries), and then there are some that just don’t get it (fence posts). I’m not here to talk about the visionaries — they already get it. They know that SCA techniques help find critical issues early in the development cycle. Sometimes SCA finds great stuff, sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s always worth the time, because it makes developers better at what they do. In fact, it’s

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  • Porting gotchas

    on Jan 25, 11 • by Alen Zukich • with 2 Comments

    Top 10 porting issues

    If you’ve ever gone through the process of porting an application, you know the pain.  Porting can be difficult if you’re not vigilant from the outset.  There are tons of written guidelines and best practices for specific platforms or architectures, such as those going to 64 bit for Windows apps or Intel architecture and Mac OS. In the past, we have talked about Endian issues, which are very specific to porting from different architectures (big-endian vs little-endian).  This time I want to take you through some general porting issues to show you how you can

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