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  • Developer productivity thrown out the door

    on Jun 2, 09 • by Alen Zukich • with 1 Comment

    I deal with many organizations that deploy the Klocwork software to the desktop so that developers can use our tools to help them find and fix bugs in their code.  The message is simple, fix your bugs before you check in your code.  Many of the organizations I deal with have a mismatch of environments and tools.  In the world of writing code it is not uncommon to find developers using Emacs, Vim, Visual Studio, Eclipse or any number of IDEs/text editors.  Nothing wrong with this, although it doesn’t offer a clean, repeatable environment but

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  • Languages and the theocracy of programming

    on Apr 7, 09 • by Gwyn Fisher • with No Comments

    Just returned from ESC San Jose, where I spent a very enjoyable few days surrounded by the “real men” of the programming world. Forget your managed language environments, forget abstractions or object oriented fantasies of design, forget processes like Agile, these guys spend their days down at board level working in assembler and occasionally sticking their heads up into the rarified world of C (but only, you know, for stuff that doesn’t really matter…). Hell, most of the time the hardware they’re programming is custom built just for that project, sans O/S because, you know,

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  • Lambda expressions in C++

    on Feb 11, 09 • by Denis Sidorov • with 5 Comments

    Have just stumbled across the lamda module in boost (popular C++ general-purpose library known for extensive usage of templates and influence on C++ standard committee). A quote: The primary motivation for the BLL (Boost Lambda Library) is to provide flexible and convenient means to define unnamed function objects for STL algorithms … for_each(a.begin(), a.end(), std::cout &lt;&lt; _1 &lt;&lt; ' '); My first thought was: "Hmm ... a macro?" It appears it is not. The <code>_1 object is a lambda placeholder, and should be read as first parameter of lambda expression (a.k.a. unnamed function). In fact

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