Looking Forward To Connected Car and learning if my Austin Maxi was the deserving butt of car jokes

From an Austin Maxi to the connected car

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A look back at a piece of automotive history and a look towards our next connected car event...

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My first car was an 1976 Austin Maxi 1750. I loved and loathed it. I would park it around the corner from Tiffany’s night club in Bristol to avoid being seen in it. I courted my first girlfriend in it (the less said the better) and warmed my hands on the rear window de-mister pushing it.

It was hardly a connected car. Many parts weren’t that well connected to each other. But I loved it and have the type of fond memories only 3o years distance and enough money for a decent car now allow. (Although I drive a 30-year old Jag. Another story for another day).

Times change. With cars consuming code and producing data by the gigabyte, my thoughts turn to the upcoming Connected Cars Europe event where we’ll be hosting a breakfast briefing on day two of the conference.

Nearly 90% of all detected security holes can be traced back to just ten types of vulnerabilities (rust, poor electrics and door locks that could be opened with a spoon for my poor old Maxi). Interested to know which vulnerabilities?
Register for our webinar on Oct 8.

So I’m keen to hear how, when 57% of developers don’t think automotive software teams have the skills necessary to combat software security threats, you can educate your developers to ensure that your next model isn’t the of butt of ANY car joke.

Especially not one where injury is added to insult. I look forward hearing your thoughts at Connected Cars.

Date: Wednesday, September 30th Connected Cars logo
Time: 8:30am GMT
View event page

PS: Maury the Maxi retired to the country in 1989 where he spent his last days as a chicken coup in rural Somerset.

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