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In the world of school, we are taught that all situations lead to a black and white answer in a multiple-choice exam. My whole life, I struggled with getting stuck in the right or wrong when really, I was analyzing each response and creating a solution for every possible answer. In school, this was a forbidden way of thinking but after I entered Rogue Wave Software and the work world, I learned that the way I think can be applied to bring new solutions to the table.

I worked at Rogue Wave as the marketing intern for 10 months. This position was my first real job in the business world and I learned an incredible amount. With the help of my collaborative marketing team, I had the ability to foster new skills that I wasn’t aware I had . Going into the job and interview, I had no idea how to code and I knew NOTHING about software. Now walking out, I can code a small amount and understand the basics of software including the components that make it up.

Working here has enhanced my writing and speaking skills a tremendous amount. I used to struggle with writing assignments but after writing so much business material at Rogue Wave, the words just flew. I learned to speak up and say what I needed to say, as well as speak in a professional manner in-person and online.

I often worked on creating web pages in SharePoint, WordPress, and Kentico. This process began my introduction to coding as there are always bugs in the system.  I had to work hard to figure out how to use many functions I had never had experience with before, this taught me to think independently and to challenge myself more.

I became very interested in creating web pages, assisting in generating leads, forming creative designs for advertisement, and setting up new tasks to challenge myself. I now know more of where I want my life to head and where I am suited best.

One of the biggest aspects that Rogue Wave showed me was company culture. From a millennial perspective, Rogue Wave is the perfect environment to work in. There is no bringing people down to win or a shameful form of leadership. Only an uplifting attitude towards each employee. The marketing team and all of Rogue Wave supports each other and works hard to foster an extremely positive environment. The bosses I had and the leaders that taught me how to accomplish goals here made a very big impression and inspiration in my work life.

There are no rights or wrongs, but only experiences. We learn from others, ourselves, the situations we are placed in, and from the mistakes we make. I wouldn’t have wanted to work anywhere else for my first internship to show me that my outside-of-the-box outlook can “work” at work ;).

Thank you Rogue Wave for all the knowledge and experience you have given me.

-P.S. There are always loads of tasty snacks in the kitchen.

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