Looking ahead to 2016

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With 2016 just around the corner, we asked our experts what they thought of 2015, and what they are looking forward to next year...

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We recently ask several of our subject matter experts what they thought were the surprises and challenges this year and for their predictions for the industry, their product lines, and Rogue Wave for 2016.

Here’s what our CTO, Rod Cope had to say.

The pace of change in software development is accelerating.

Take slow manual processes out of the mix with Agile, continuous integration, and open source.

Modernize, leverage what works, but limit your exposure by addressing application security.

Bert Carapiet, QA manager for Klocwork, discusses the changing face of developer jobs – no longer siloed programmers.

Ed Stewart, sales engineer, talks surprises, challenges, and hopes for software and open source software.

Marty Bakal, dynamic analysis product manager, talking HPC, a new product, and what’s on deck for the year.

Walter Capitani, Klocwork product manager, talks automotive software, standards, & CI.

What do you think 2016 will bring?

Read more about the five ways software development will change in 2016.

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