Recap: Worldwide Partner Summit

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Last week, partners from around the world visited Boulder, Colorado to learn about developers, industry concerns, and Rogue Wave products (and hear other languages!). Read what they talked about...

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Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a large number of our partners at the world-class St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, CO, U.S. for our inaugural Rogue Wave Software Worldwide Partner Summit. People from around the globe joined us for a two-day event focusing on trends in the marketplace, how Rogue Wave positions itself in this marketplace, and the benefit of using our software tools.

Our first day started with keynote speaker, Jeffrey Hammond from Forrester Research. Jeffrey explored the age of customers and dived into an interactive discussion on why developers matter more now than ever before. He explained that developers are doing more than ever. And that good developers have a range of knowledge – not simply focused on one skill. The average developer is involved in several different projects, on more than one operating system, with the skill to code in several different languages.

With the broadening of developer skills, and the obviously increasing demand from customers for state-of-the-art applications, it’s no surprise that release velocity and build frequency are being pressured to increase. In fact, Jeffrey stated that, “it takes 18 months to deploy a new release of a project/product/app where a single line of code is changed.” Jeffrey and his panel of Rogue Wave employees and partner experts discussed this challenge, leaving partners with the knowledge they need to address developer problems and have the toolset available to simplify their concerns.

Once our partners understood the everyday concern of development organizations, we helped by giving them the tools they need to sell our products. With group activities and presentations, partners were able to test their sales strategy and receive feedback from their peers and experts.

At one point we had a three-way conversation involving Japanese, Mandarin, and English. A partner was demonstrating his sales technique in Chinese, with a Rogue Wave employee translating in English, and another translation happening in Japanese. We were able to connect and interact in a way that isn’t normally possible when you have such a diverse group of people. We were fortunate to provide information to our attendees in the language they prefer, making everyone involved feel comfortable and informed.

Outside of the learning events we had two offsite dinners where our partners were able to explore the beauty of Boulder. One night we had a farm-to-table dinner at Whimsy Farm that featured a fresh dinner made with all-local ingredients. With a wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains, guests really felt at home. When everything concluded, one attendee said “I learned about various products that are new and could be taken to different markets; their technology, expertise, and product positioning. It was nice to interact with all the Rogue Wave executives.”

Our inaugural Partner Summit was a huge success – we, and our partners, look forward to the next time we can get together and help each other learn about the marketplace, sales strategies, and ways that we can help each other succeed.

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