The ElePHPant in the room: Rogue Wave + Zend

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Last week we announced big news for enterprise PHP - read on to find out more...

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It’s been a very busy week for us, both at Rogue Wave and Zend. We’re very excited about this acquisition and we simply can’t wait to show you where this will take us and the PHP community (plus we’re glad that you can now share in our excitement).

Zend takes our dedication to mission-critical enterprise projects to a whole new level, adding the rich and vibrant PHP community to our ongoing commitment to OSS that started with OpenLogic. Many of our customers already rely on PHP so combining the passion and collaborative spirit of Zend with the knowledge and credibility of deploying to well over 3000 enterprises around the world makes #ZendRogueWave a truly exciting proposition.

At ZendCon 2015, we’ll have the usual mix of thought leadership, in-depth technical talks, and networking opportunities, plus we’ll shine a spotlight on upcoming product releases. This is the “Year of PHP” and we’ll show you all the functional and performance gains that make PHP 7 the best release yet, including news on Zend Studio 13, Zend Server 8.5, and Z-Ray. It’s business as usual for us and that means leading and supporting the entire, evolving PHP ecosystem.

And yes, that means the Zend Engine license isn’t changing.

For those new to Rogue Wave: welcome! We’ve been in the software business for over forty years, bringing a variety of products, values, and services to different aspects of the software industry. We do this by continually evolving and adapting to the changing needs of the broader software marketplace by understanding where developers are coming from, and where they’re going to go next.

Starting with OpenLogic, enterprises no longer have to worry about security, licensing, or technical support risks in open source software. For the broader audience, Klocwork delivers comprehensive and deep static code analysis, supporting developers at the desktop with our unique on-the-fly analysis engine. With high performance computing, we’ve brought faster, more intuitive debugging with TotalView. And for the big data and predictive analytics teams, IMSL Numerical Libraries offers unparalleled math and statistics algorithms that drive production systems around the world.

There is a pattern here, Rogue Wave is dedicated to making mission-critical enterprise projects successful by simplifying the lives of developers.

Zend + Rogue Wave – the elePHPant now has a much bigger room to play in.

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