Why I came back

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The story of how I became a boomerang employee at Rogue Wave Software...

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Three months ago, I walked out the doors of Rogue Wave Software. Off to a new challenge, eager to work with a new set of bright minds, and closer to one of my favorite Thai restaurants.

Three months later, I was toasting bagels with fellow friends back at Rogue Wave Ottawa. Another boomerang employee to add to the LinkedIn statistics.

Neither case was an attempt to get away from something bad. My Rogue Wave experience has always been great and the transition was simply an attempt to try something new, to leap outside my comfort zone.

The contrast, however, was too bright to ignore.

From a pure product and marketing perspective, there’s no other organization in the world that offers what Rogue Wave does: the opportunity to solve problems across a fantastical array of technologies, industries, and audiences. Literally fantastical. The unrestrained imaginations of all our teams has led to everything from hardcore debuggers for high performance computing, to platforms that are transforming enterprise PHP, to the awesome power of sophisticated static code analysis. And that’s just the technology. Our marketing efforts span strategies, channels, and disciplines, each one taking specific personas from awareness to close in partnership with our world-class sales team.

Our comfort zones are challenged every day by the savvy folks across all our teams. Who wouldn’t want to learn from and contribute to a team of skilled, dedicated, and passionate people around the world? As far as I’m concerned, only Rogue Wave lets us game on this kind of playing field. A game worth coming back for.

And since I’m in marketing, no blog is complete without a list of Top Reasons to Return to Rogue Wave—And You Won’t Believe Number 5!

1. It’s like a family reunion with benefits. The team is familiar and it’s changed just enough to offer the heady thrill of getting up to speed again.
2. You’re in “out-of-the-box” mode. After being away for a while, you quickly forget about the daily run-rate stuff and open up to the bigger picture. What large-scale improvements could be made, both personally and for the project, such that the day-to-day becomes better?
3. You get to bring all the cool ideas you’ve discovered back to Rogue Wave.
4. Let’s face it, it’s also a numbers game. Our total compensation and benefits package is hard to beat.
5. So far, it seems, everyone gets a welcome lunch whether you’re brand new or a boomerang. Either way, it’s a great excuse to visit your favorite Thai restaurant again.

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