Your top 10 for 2016

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Here are your top ten articles blog articles from 2016, we hope you’ll come back and join the conversation in ...

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It’s been a very busy year keeping up with everything going on in software development. We’ve seen, shared, and talked about everything from product releases to open source vulnerabilities, from industry standards to big data, and even a few personal editorials. Here are your top ten blog articles from 2016, we hope you’ll come back and join the conversation in 2017.

Software engineers – Revive your software soul
Are you in a funk or disillusioned by the seeming normality of day-to-day work? Read this blog and consider for a moment all of the things you’ve accomplished, developed, and experienced.

Five ways software development will change in 2016
It was early in the year when we pulled together this list of what we expect to see in 2016 – security, open source, “real time”, algorithms, and developer tools. Did we get it right?

Klocwork 2016 receives ISO 26262
Klocwork 2016 received ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certification in May of this year. This certification qualifies Klocwork as a tool that can be used in a standards-compliant development process according to ISO 26262.

Will big data engulf relational databases?
The challenge is that relational databases were not designed to scale at the level needed today, nor to process data quickly. In this blog post, we explore if this means the end of the relational database era and a move towards something new, and not like SQL.

6 reasons to love CentOS
Ever wonder why CentOS continues to grow as one of the top Linux distributions? Our own Justin Reock, senior director of support and professional services, provides six reasons in one handy infographic.

OSCON 2016 recap
We sent a small team to OSCON this year, this blog is a recap of the week. It’s a great event to interact with the entire open source community and we’re looking forward to heading back in 2017.

Pluggable storage lockers for ActiveMQ
There are many inherent flaws in the OS-level filesystem locking mechanism used in the traditional network shared filesystem HA model employed by ActiveMQ. The solution we’re recommending to customers is the Lease Database Locker solution – find out why in this blog.

Meet Patrick Boily, director at CQADS
Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Decision Support (CQADS) offered a three-day series of data analysis workshops in the fall, letting budding data scientists dive into the world of data science, data mining, and extracting useful insights. Hear directly from the Centre’s director on the importance of this program.

GENIVI Alliance – interview with Steve Crumb part 1 and part 2
As a long-time associate member of the GENIVI Alliance, we had the opportunity to sit down with the executive director to talk about their efforts and trends in 2016.


Do you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see us cover in 2017? Leave us a comment below.

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