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Your top 10 topics in 2015

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From software cybersecurity to open source support to Hadoop, find out what people were talking about and reading this year...

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A year full of data breaches, security threats, and looming questions on what that means for software development – 2015 was the year of cybersecurity. Those themes were reflected in our most popular content this year, proving that organizations are ready to get serious about their security. To help organizations get a handle on their security, we provided videos, white papers, surveys, and reports based on our expertise to help solidify that:

• Developers worry about security but don’t know where to start
• Decision makers wrongfully assume that developers have the right tools to ensure security
• The automotive industry is a key target for security concerns (and breaches)

Below is the list of our most popular content in 2015, including pieces on open source support and data analytics – full of items that will help you plan your 2016 efforts.

White paper: Security in practice: Creating bulletproof software
The ramifications of security risks in embedded systems continue to rise alongside the level of public and governmental outrage that follow such breaches. This white paper explains how people pay a heavy price for failing to protect customer information, and that it’s important to protect yourself and your customers by planning to create bulletproof software.

Video: Unpacking Open Source with OpenLogic Part 1
Our first video on the list, Ed Stewart guides us through the basics of OpenLogic, showing how OpenLogic streamlines scanning to easily keeps track of the open source software (OSS) packages being used in your products as well as the licensing and security vulnerabilities that reside in those packages. Since 99 percent of Global 1000 companies will be using open source in mission critical applications by 2016 it’s important to stay on top of any potential risks.

Report: 2015 Open Source Support Report
This report looks at OSS support data throughout 2015. The report explains the real costs when it comes to using OSS code, explores the top requested OSS packages, and explains the different roles within a company that might need support. Take a test to see how prepared you are for OSS support and read the 5 best practices for supporting OSS.

Graphic novel: Tales from the sprint: Lost in code
A fun and informative piece of content, our first graphic novel follows developer Eli as he races against time to complete his code before the end of the sprint. When the build system breaks and compliance testing is down, it seems there’s no hope for our hero. Take a peek to see if his secret weapon can help to thwart the MISRA monsters and verification vampires so he and save the day!

Report: 2015 Ponemon survey of automakers and suppliers
One of a few reports we did in 2015, this one, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by us and Security Innovation, asked over 500 automotive developers, engineers, and executives to illustrate the eye-opening truth of what automakers really know about security in automotive software.

Presentation: Debugging numerical simulations on accelerated architectures: TotalView for OpenPOWER, CUDA, and OpenMP
This presentation, given at ScicomP 2015, reviews best debugging practices for CUDA and OpenACC-accelerated applications and discusses the development of OpenMP-specific tracing and debugging interfaces. The presentation also reviews our collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) towards TotalView for HPC supporting the OpenPOWER stack on LLNL’s future Sierra system.

White paper: Using JMSL in Hadoop MapReduce applications
Traditional means of storage methods won’t kick it for big data. In order to keep up with the constant increase in global demand for more information we need to decide how to perform efficient mathematical and statistical analysist on data. This white paper explains how to use Hadoop MapReduce with JMSL Numerical Libraries – the answer to big data.

Report: Software security begins with flaw-free, standards-compliant code
For this report, we conducted two surveys to determine the degree to which organizations emphasize application security at the earliest stages and if they provide the developers with the proper education and tools. Some of the results showed software development culture is shockingly far from focused on instilling security in code.

Video: Unpacking Open Source with OpenLogic Part 2
Ed Stewart takes the helm again and this time shows us more core functions of OpenLogic including the library and governance tool which helps manage policies to make sure you know exactly what you can and can’t do with certain packages as well make access requests. He also shows how OpenLogic can help your team manage OSS.

Flipbook: Security Guide: Recipe to software security success
The last of our top content pieces is actually a collection of other pieces. This flipbook gathers our best assets that will help you develop strong software security from the first line of code. Read about the tools and strategies that will result in keeping code secure throughout the lifespan of your application.

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