We’re at ISC High Performance 2015

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Read about the latest technologies we're demonstrating at ISC High Performance 2015, including the brand-new release of the TotalView debugger...

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ISC High Performance 2015 has started and Rogue Wave Software is here, bringing our deep technical knowledge about HPC debugging that you’ve come to know plus a few things that will definitely surprise you – about our tools and about new ways to approach HPC development.

TotalView 8.15.7 is here
Today we’re announcing the release of TotalView debugger 8.15.7, supporting the latest developments in Linux and GP-GPU platforms. With this release, you can debug OpenACC on Linux with the PGI compiler, making it easier to adopt acceleration incrementally without major code rewrites. This release also adds preliminary support for the OpenPOWER platform and the ability to examine CUDA core files to determine the state of crashed kernels. Beyond this release, if you visit us in booth 1152, you’ll get a chance to see a sneak preview of the next generation of TotalView, offering the same deep inspection, control, and scalability as before, wrapped within a brand-new, customizable (and beautiful) interface.

HPC testing gets better
We’ve also decided to bring two different, non-traditional ways to support HPC application development: static code analysis and open source support. If you saw us at Teratec Forum last month, you know that there was great interest around Klocwork static code analysis and the verification power it brings to the HPC table. We had more than a few questions about integrating it into existing testing processes, especially as costs and skills become more constrained. Likewise, open source support by OpenLogic offers an additional level of insurance against unexpected bugs, configuration issues, and production outages across a wide range of OSS packages.

Visit us at booth 1152 to receive a personalized demonstration of any of our technologies and you’ll go away better prepared to choose the right testing and support tools for your project.

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