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2017 Open Source Support Report: Statistics, questions & realities of using OSS in the field

on Feb 23, 17 • by Richard Sherrard • with No Comments

The top open source trends, support use cases, and best practices based on enterprise data collected this past year...

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Providing open source software (OSS) support, professional services, and audits gives us a unique perspective into the usage, benefits, and challenges of OSS with some of the largest organizations out there today. We’re excited to share these valuable insights with you, based on data we collected over 2016 and talk about what lies ahead for 2017.

In the report we see that 2016 was the year large organizations and governments moved from hesitation to embracing of open source. But, not only is it large organizations, we see this trend moving across the board with all industries and sizes of companies – in fact, very few organizations today don’t use open source in some shape or form when building software for these modern times.

We share with you some great statistics and insights gathered across our support and audit teams, including the top 10 licenses we find today in software along with the biggest issue folks have with OSS. Can you guess what that issue is? If not, you’ll have to read the report then.

This year we have also included some excellent use cases that our OSS architects have come across. Come read some of the problems/challenges we helped companies out with, wether it be with Tomcat, JBoss, or any number of top open source packages that our experts are there to help you with. At the end of the report we also challenge you to challenge us by “Stumping the Expert.”

So please, come read the report and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

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