6 reasons to love CentOS

on Sep 22, 16 • by Roy Sarkar • with 3 Comments

Why developers, especially enterprise developers, love CentOS for their server needs...

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Wondering why CentOS continues to grow as one of the top Linux distributions? Our own Justin Reock, senior director of support and professional services, provides six reasons in one handy infographic.

6 reasons to love CentOS infographic

To learn more about how to make CentOS fit for the enterprise, visit our enhanced support for CentOS page.

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3 Responses to 6 reasons to love CentOS

  1. Luis says:

    Good points, i could add huge Linux market share on Linux server deploy, huge documentation and big community to support any trouble you can have.
    I start to use CentOS several years ago and it’s rock solid, years of running server and some of this is still working with minimal update.

  2. Mark says:

    Good points, Roy. So when will we get a ZendServer on CentOS AMI for AWS?

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