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Considering OpenJDK? It’s time to decide.

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Featuring research from Forrester report: Weighing the Options to Oracle’s New Java SE Subscription ...

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Today, software development teams are under more pressure than ever to cost-effectively deliver feature-rich software to customers within shorter timelines. As Oracle has announced it is starting to charge for its Java SE subscriptions, perhaps your organization is already looking into OpenJDK as an alternative that can eliminate Java SE subscription costs while keeping the organization well equipped to meet internal and external demands. OpenJDK can certainly be part of this solution.

Managing new costs or considering alternatives?

Last year, Oracle announced that effective January 2019, public updates for Oracle Java SE 8 will no longer be available for business, commercial, or production use without a commercial license. The announcement outlined a new support model for its commercial Java runtime product and introduces new fees and higher expenses related to support and licensing costs.

It’s critical for AD&D leaders to make an informed choice that considers the organization-wide impacts on cost, time, resources, and support for maintaining Java applications. In this report, Forrester outlines four alternatives for organizations to consider:

Continue to use Oracle Java SE

The least disruptive but potentially costly option as it requires organizations to secure a commercial support license for Oracle Java SE from Oracle.

Transition to a supported build of OpenJDK

As there’s an open source alternative to almost every commercial software package available, for Oracle Java SE, its OpenJDK. OpenJDK is functionally identical to Oracle Java SE, however because it’s open source, there are options for support.

Embrace the OpenJDK community model

Organizations can embrace the OpenJDK model and take over full ownership for ensuring security, availability, and support. Teams evaluating the community model need to ensure they have resources in place to monitor and keep systems up to date as security and other upgrades become available, as well as provide effective support to the application teams.

Don’t do anything (and hope for the best)

As this Forrester report says, “we would tend to heavily discount this option.”

Next steps

The time to act is now.

Read this February 2019 report from Forrester to learn more about the new program and alternatives to Oracle’s Java SE subscription changes and determine the right path for your organization.

Forrester openjdk report

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