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Confused or unsure about open source usage in your software? Chavirat  is ready to help audit, or conduct compliance checks on your software. Learn more...

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Rogue Wave open source auditors can assist your team by delivering value faster while looking inwards to meet legal and compliance obligations and eliminate security risks with open source software (OSS). We want to introduce you to the team and share their knowledge base, passion for open source, and expand on all the potential ways they can help you.

Meet Chavirat

Chavirat is an OSS auditor at Rogue Wave Software.


I studied Computer Engineering and Information Systems. I was a network administrator for 3 years in Thailand and started an ice cream shop with my brother there in 2011. From there, I found my passion in technology. I continued my education at the University of Colorado Denver in 2014 and graduated with Information Systems in December 2015. I joined Rogue Wave Software in October 2015. I work closely with a team  of open source auditors who scan and analyze commercial software projects for the presence of open source software to assist companies in open source software license compliance. I develop the software to support the auditing team. I also enjoy coding such as SQL, Batch script, Python, and LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

Years of experience: 5

What is your area of expertise?

I research open source software projects to obtain essential project information such as, primary programming language, project description, licensing, and copyright information. I also develop the software to support the auditing team essentially implementing license aggregators, fetching licenses, packaging information from the database, and writing Python script.

Where do you go to stay informed about open source?

I go to Google alerts,, and GitHub.

Tell us your best “ah-ha” moment or customer experience.

My best moment or experience at Rogue Wave Software was learning and developing a program that I’d never done before in a short period of time. The program was very challenging, but helped me to improve my programming skills rapidly. I also have had a great opportunity to enroll in the PHP fundamentals training class from Zend.

Why do you love your job?

I love my job because I have opportunities to learn new software such as Batch script, Python, SQL, and LAMP stack. Moreover, I like the workplace environment and our team culture. My manager is open minded to listening to my ideas on how to improve our working process effectively.

Tell us something fun or interesting about you.

I am a creative cooker. I cook in my own style.  :-)

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