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Confused or unsure about open source usage in your software? Dennis is ready to help audit, or conduct compliance checks on your software. Learn more...

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Rogue Wave open source auditors can assist your team by delivering value faster while looking inwards to meet legal and compliance obligations and eliminate security risks with open source software (OSS). We want to introduce you to the team and share their knowledge base, passion for open source, and expand on all the potential ways they can help you.

Meet Dennis

Dennis is an open source auditor working on the Rogue Wave Open Source Audit team.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Geography from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and first began my career as a bicycle mechanic. Even today, I take the same approach to the software auditing process as I do with bike maintenance – to always be meticulous and try not to screw anything up.

I began using Linux in college and peaked my interest when I read The Cathedral and the Bazaar, by Eric Raymond. Since then it has been a gradual descent into internet message boards and software manuals. I love working with the audit team and I’m grateful for all that I have learned during my time working at Rogue Wave.

Years of experience: 2

What is your area of expertise?

More than anything, I take an interest in the Linux environment and shell scripting. I’m trying to build up my Python skills as well.

Tell us your best “ah-ha” moment or customer experience.

Recently I fixed a broken application by filtering illegal XML characters using a Perl regular expression. This is a new tool for me, and further proof that nearly every obstacle can be overcome if one spends enough time digging around on Stack Exchange.

Why do you love your job?

I love my fellow team members as well as my manager Dave, and all of the opportunities to learn while working on the audit team. Tina, our wonderful office manager, also does a great job satisfying the voracious appetite for bagels and coconut water.

Tell us something fun or interesting about you.

I work with a local community bicycle organization and bike at least 10,000 miles per year.

More information

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