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Confused or unsure about open source usage in your software? Shilpa is ready to help audit or conduct compliance checks on your software. Learn more...

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Rogue Wave open source auditors can assist your team by delivering value faster while looking inwards to meet legal and compliance obligations and eliminate security risks with open source software (OSS). We want to introduce you to the team and share their knowledge base, passion for open source, and expand on all the potential ways they can help you.

Meet Shilpa

Shilpa is the senior IP analyst specializing in certification and compliance at Rogue Wave Software.


I got my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and my master’s in Business Administration specializing in Marketing and Computer Science from DAVV University, Indore, MP in India. While pursuing my undergraduate and master’s degree, I enjoyed working as an anchor and reporter at local and national news channels. After moving to the United States, I worked for a while as a business analyst at Polymarc Inc. in New Jersey and then moved to Colorado to join Rogue Wave (OpenLogic) in 2011. I currently work as senior IP analyst and am also working on my second master’s degree in Information Systems from the University of Colorado.

Years of experience: 10

What is your area of expertise?

I specialize in certification and compliance of open source licenses. Auditing the client’s code and taking a step-by-step procedure in order to comply with OSS license requirements.

Where do you go to stay informed about open source?

I go to Open Source Initiative News and EventsTech CrunchWired, OSS community news and events, forums/documentation, and Google alerts.

Tell us your best “ah-ha” moment or customer experience.

Each day interacting with the team members or on calls with customers I experience various “ah-ha” moments. Open source software is so diverse and so ever changing that every day you learn something new. I especially enjoy the moments when I get stuck understanding the terms of licenses and have to dig deeper, refer to books, different websites, and forums to learn the obligations and compliance. I also truly enjoy the moments when I present a report to a client and they are surprised to see unexpected open source in their code and truly appreciate the work we do. Working in the open source software industry for almost six years, has provided me with the opportunity to learn and experience a lot of “ah-ha” moments and to look forward to more moments like these.

Why do you love your job?

I like the surprise factor of the work I do. No two days are the same. I love the fact that members of my team are equally enthusiastic and as curious about open source as I am. We work together to find the best possible answer to some of the difficult questions of obligations and compliance. Our manager Dave always keeps our spirits high and wants us to perform at our best. He’s been a great learning resource and an amazing mentor.

Tell us something fun or interesting about you.

I love dancing on Bollywood numbers and “YES” I love spicy food!

More information

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