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Meet the open source audit team – Valerie

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Confused or unsure about open source usage in your software? Valerie is ready to help audit, or conduct compliance checks on your software. Learn more...

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Rogue Wave open source auditors can assist your team by delivering value faster while looking inwards to meet legal and compliance obligations and eliminate security risks with open source software (OSS). We want to introduce you to the team and share their knowledge base, passion for open source, and expand on all the potential ways they can help you.

Meet Valerie

Valerie is a senior open source auditor working on the Rogue Wave Open Source Audit team.


I studied business and computer science, receiving a bachelor of science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver. My career began working in computer operations in a large data center in the oil exploration industry, where the focus was scientific data processing. Later I worked as a software developer for 10 years in the financial industry programming a host network for all regional ATM and POS (point-of-sale) transactions, handling millions of transactions per day. Before joining Rogue Wave, I provided computer training and consulting and technical support for small businesses and schools, where I especially enjoyed working with teachers and students of all ages.

Years of experience: 25

What is your area of expertise?

My area of expertise is identifying open source code, and the software’s provenance within applications, which has been the focus of my work at Rogue Wave for just under five years now. I also focus on helping customers understand open source licensing and compliance with the legal obligations those licenses present. I really enjoy the challenge of the research required in auditing software and then taking the large amounts of complex detail uncovered and condensing and presenting the information to clients in meaningful and useful ways.

Where do you go to stay informed about open source?

I like because it offers a very wide range of issues around open source software. I also enjoy exploring the news generally (thank you, Google News) where I catch most my information.

Tell us your best “ah-ha” moment or customer experience.

My “ah-ha” moment was when I first understood that open source software origin and licensing is often times ambiguous, or not always documented, and in some cases includes conflicting information about the origin or licensing of the software. Add to the mix the fact that many open source packages change the licensing over time with new releases. This makes researching open source provenance like solving a mystery, or detective work, and results cannot always be absolute.

Why do you love your job?

I love my job primarily because I love working with software, and also because it requires a lot of creative thinking and problem-solving. Our work process is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges, and pushing us to create new solutions and learn new technologies as we go. We have a wonderful working culture where new ideas are always welcome. The work here at Rogue Wave also provides very broad exposure to many different cutting edge software including the industries creating it.

Tell us something fun or interesting about you.

I enjoy small home remodeling projects and most outdoor activities, especially golf and Colorado skiing.

More information

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