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Interested in knowing who's on the other end of the line when you call our support? Meet our OSS expert John...

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When something is wrong in an open source software package, who are you going to contact? If you’re an OpenLogic support customer, it might be John. Our open source architects become an extension of your team and because of that, we want you to meet them, understand their expertise, their passion for open source, and how they can help you.

Meet John

John is an enterprise architect on the OpenLogic support team at Rogue Wave Software.


I have a BS in computer science from Trinity University, and started my career doing consulting, custom application development (mostly .NET and Java, but also C, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and others), and application security. After that I worked extensively in C++ and Python code for software defined radio (SDR) cellular base stations. I then moved on to development and architecture for all well-site systems for a large energy company, including Java real-time control systems, mesh and satellite networking, custom embedded SCADA systems, live web-based telemetry, and integration with ERP systems. Throughout my career, I’ve used open source products extensively, and have gained a diversity of experience in very different usage scenarios.

What is your area of expertise?

Architecture, Java, ActiveMQ, embedded systems, protocols, and security.

Which packages do you work on primarily?


How do you contribute back to the open source community?

I contribute back to the open source community by providing support and guidance on using open source software to its full potential.

Where do you go to stay informed about open source?

I follow a few dozen Twitter sources that are well connected to the community for news and updates, and keep tabs on several websites that focus on open source software, frameworks, and architecture.

Tell us your best “ah-ha” moment or customer experience?

My most recent “ah-ha” moment was when I was helping a customer decrease their workload by an order of magnitude or more by recommending they utilize features of Apache HTTPd to consolidate their SSL termination and management for more than 100 different independently managed servers.

Why do you love your job?

I love staying on the cutting edge of the open source products and frameworks available, and being exposed to all the various ways our customers use the software differently for each environment.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I love to travel – I love the perspective exploring new places gives me. I’ve also lived in 7 states/8 cities across the US (and soon to be 8 states/9 cities).

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