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As the cloud grows, so does the use of open source software...

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As the cloud grows, so does the use of open source software.

That is no surprise to long-time users of packages like Apache, Tomcat, and JBoss, because these server components are perfectly suited for cloud deployments.

Why are open source servers a great fit for the cloud? Four reasons:

• Developers love them
• They are battle-tested in very large production deployments
• No license counting
• Available enterprise-grade consulting and SLA support

With the global trend toward cloud deployment continuing, we at OpenLogic realize that enterprises need more open source support in these new development, QA, and production environments. While similar to an enterprise data center, certain aspects of public clouds are different enough to cause problems. For example, operating systems such as CentOS may require special configurations to work in a cloud’s virtual machine infrastructure. Also, public cloud VMs do not always include their own persistent storage.

For these reasons, OpenLogic partnered with Microsoft last year to make open source easier to consume on the Azure public cloud.

We also recently announced our partnership with Amazon to make over 50 supported stacks available on the AWS public cloud. These ready-made stacks, which include leading components like CentOS, Ubuntu, Tomcat, JBoss, Apache, NginX, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, are available with developer and production-level, enterprise-grade SLA support.

There has never been a better time for enterprises to leverage open source in the public cloud. Our pre-packaged offerings are ready to use on the cloud of your choice in just a few clicks, and are backed by open source support experts.

What will you do with open source in the cloud in 2014?

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