Our top open source blogs for 2017

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Here are your top ten open source articles from 2017, covering community, security, and technical tips ...

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2017 kept our enterprise open source architects busy, from new services and community contributions, to writing up technical tips and procedures for the most popular packages. Here the top ten most popular open source blogs we published – sorted by theme. Come back for more starting in 2018!

Open source community

The industry shift to all things open

Once considered the titans of closed source, how companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Apple are embracing open source to keep up with ever-changing technologies.

Open source
OSCON 2017 recap: Software people, my people

Lead open source architect, Justin Reock, explains why OSCON is not just a bunch of hawkers selling wares, it’s truly a bunch of people who love open source and the communities who provide it. He closes with, “The entire experience, as it always does, drove home the point that open source has found a place in all areas of innovation.”

Open source in the enterprise

5 things to consider when selecting open source packages

CTO, Rod Cope, lists the five things you need to consider while selecting any open source package.

What does enterprise open source support mean?

Two myths are dispelled in this blog post: First, that open source can be supported just as effectively as commercial software and second, that our open source support team goes far beyond simple troubleshooting.


Equifax breach: How the open source community responded

Our resident security expert, Andrew Pomponio, explains how pointing fingers doesn’t help anyone, especially when it comes to a massive security breach.

Malware roundup: WannaCry, DoublePulsar, and EternalRocks

Andrew covers the evolution of malware, using recent examples to explain their impacts.

Ransomware vulnerabilities – is your data secure?

Andrew explains what ransomware is and dives into popular examples from earlier in the year.

Technical tips

How to migrate from RHEL 7.4 to CentOS 7.4

This two-part walk-through of a migration from RHEL to CentOS compares the two alternatives and documents the steps to convert a vanilla RHEL 7.4 installation to CentOS 7.4.

Getting to know Bootstrap

An introduction to Bootstrap: The key usage benefits, its history, and the information you’ll need to comply with its open source license.

OpenSSL license change: A cautionary tale

Back in March, OpenSSL announced that it’s changing its licensing. This blog looked at what drove the decision and how it impacted users and contributors.

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