Top issues in the top enterprise packages: ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL, JBoss/Wildfly

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A recap of our recent webinar on top issues seen in ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL, and JBoss/Wildfly...

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From ActiveMQ to Postgres to JBoss, open source architects Bill and Vince (read their bios) walked through real-world pitfalls and solutions in this week’s webinar, the final webinar in our open source series. Key takeaways from the webinar:

For ActiveMQ users:

• A Lease Database Locker is a viable alternative to NFS where SAN is cost prohibitive.
• Replicated LevelDB with Apache Zookeeper should be considered for performance.

For PostgreSQL users:

• Troubleshooting tools like pg_stat_statements and pgBadger can help narrow down database performance issues.
• Use tools like pgBench and pgTune.
• View this great resource for PostgreSQL performance.

For JBoss/Wildfly users:

• Newer versions of Wildfly allow administrators to control HTTP headers.
• Older versions of JBoss can be augmented with a filter of Apache HTTP Server’s mod_header for equivalent functionality.

If you missed the webinar or want to watch again, it’s now available on-demand, or review you can access the code snippets, configuration changes, and architectural recommendations discussed in the charts on Slideshare.

Interesting facts

Throughout the webinar, we asked attendees questions to help understand the environments and packages they use each day.

Poll: What percentage of your mission critical software is open source?

What percentage of your mission critical software is open source?

We have asked this question for each of the webinars in the series, and the number for those using over 75 percent has dropped over the last few which was surprising since industry trends indicate the number should be growing. On this webinar, we had people in all stages of implementation which was great.

Poll: What type of ActiveMQ persistence store do you use?

What type of ActiveMQ persistence store do you use?

A surprising result that the majority of attendees are not using ActiveMQ. We see many support requests for this popular package, so the result left us wondering what everyone on the call is using as an alternative? If you don’t use ActiveMQ – let us know in the comments box below.

Poll: Do you use PostreSQL?

Do you use PostreSQL?

We publish a support report every year and PostreSQL was the eighth most popular package in terms of the number of requests we handled last year. That’s both an indication of how popular and how tricky it is to use. Looks like from our poll that, attendees are in line with our customers in regards to using PostreSQL – it’s definitely the way to go for mission-critical databases.

Poll: Are you using SSLv3?

Are you using SSLv3?

It’s nice to know that the majority of our attendees are using SSLv3 which is definitely the more secure/capable version of SSL.

Answering your questions

Will using Ceph mitigate this risk [lock synchronization issues] as well?
Ceph has limitations as with any distributed file system and may exhibit the same locking issues as described in the webinar. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use with ActiveMQ.

Where is the best place to get hourly support for various open source products?
Rogue Wave offers enterprise-grade open source support, with no escalation path, for over 300 different packages at various service levels. You can see all our support options, including 1-hour turnaround time on our website.

What’s next?

Watch, re-watch, or share this on-demand version of the webinar – Top issues in the top enterprise packages.

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