Two new Zend releases that accelerate enterprise PHP

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Learn about the Zend Server with PHP 7 Early Access and Z-Ray for Microsoft Azure releases...

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We’ve recently launched new releases for Zend Server and Z-Ray, both designed to accelerate PHP development in complementary ways that benefit all enterprises doing web development.

Zend Server with PHP 7 Early Access

To help you join the PHP 7 revolution quickly, and in keeping with our tradition of early access to upcoming major releases, this program offers you the chance to experience the PHP 7 performance boost by testing your apps on the certified, secure stack on Zend Server and use Z-Ray’s full PHP 7 support to identify compatibility issues and other bugs in your code. With early access, you get to try out new features and enhancements, and submit your feedback and ideas that’ll help us improve the final product.

Download Zend Server with PHP 7 Early Access now >
Read more details about the release >

Z-Ray for Microsoft Azure

Dive deep into all the execution details of your PHP apps with Z-Ray, now available as an add-on for Microsoft Azure. As easy as flipping a switch, you get the out-of-the-box Z-Ray experience for monitoring, debugging, and optimizing PHP apps that takes full advantage of the Azure environment, offering unparalleled scalability, uptime, and customization for just pennies a day. Z-Ray supports popular applications, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, as well as web frameworks, and doesn’t require developers to change how they work to gain useful insights into running PHP-based applications.

Try Z-Ray for Microsoft Azure for free today >
Read the announcement on the Microsoft Azure blog >

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