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Klocwork K7.7 Offers Highest Level of Software Quality and Security Vulnerability Detection Available

Burlington, Mass. — May 29, 2007 — Klocwork Inc., the proven leader in delivering automated software solutions that improve software security and quality, today announced it has reached a partnership agreement with Meteonic, a leading IT consulting firm specializing in wireless technologies, mobile applications, and multimedia and network management systems. This agreement will enable Meteonic to provide their clients with a best-of-breed static analysis solution in order to meet the highest levels of software quality and security.

"Through conversations with our clients it was clear that there was a lack of awareness as to the tools and resources available to assist them in combating quality and security issues from a developer standpoint," said Vandana Mehrotrasaid, CEO, Meteonic. "While we were aware of other static analysis vendors and reviewed their offerings, the capabilities of Klocwork’s application and reporting features were much more in line with the demands of our customers."

The key component to Klocwork’s award-winning static analysis suite, Klocwork K7.7, is the ability for cross-functional development teams to quickly identify security vulnerabilities and software defects. With K7.7, developers are able to detect potentially harmful and costly security and quality issues with greater thoroughness and accuracy. The K7.7 solution is continuously updated as part of a vigorous quality assurance program against all known vulnerabilities and easily integrates with complex build systems that automatically recognize any changes to a customer’s build, ensuring the Klocwork integration is maintained.

"Partnering with leading consulting firms such as Meteonic makes a great deal of business sense for Klocwork as they have the greatest insight into the quality and security needs of their customers," says Gwyn Fisher, CTO, Klocwork. "Meteonic brings many years of experience in technical disciplines in which Klocwork excels such as mobile and wireless technologies. By working together we will be able to provide solutions that address the quality and security concerns of their customers."

About Meteonic

Meteonic Innovation is driven by a group of Telecom Domain experts who have in-depth domain knowledge and sound vision about future needs and demands. The core team has more than 60 staff years of industry experience in Global Delivery Model and has been part of many highly successful product launches in embedded systems. Through a rich Telecom heritage, our core team consists of domain experts across various telecom segments wiz 3G, 4G, and Network Management Systems. Having serviced premium telecom companies worldwide for the past 11 years our key consultant’s combine deep domain expertise in: Wireless Technologies, Mobile Application and Multimedia, and Network Management Systems.

About Klocwork

Klocwork helps developers create more secure and reliable software. Our tools analyze source code on-the-fly, simplify peer code reviews, and extend the life of complex software. Over 1000 customers, including the biggest brands in the mobile device, consumer electronics, medical technologies, telecom, military and aerospace sectors, have made Klocwork part of their software development process. Thousands of software developers, architects, and development managers rely on our tools everyday to improve their productivity while creating better software.

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