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Developer-focused solution provides accurate, customizable analysis of C# source code at the desktop; introduces support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

BURLINGTON, Mass. — Oct 27, 2008 — Klocwork Inc., the proven leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving software security and quality, today announced that C# static source code analysis capabilities have been added to Klocwork Insight.  With this release, Klocwork introduces an all new compilation and analysis technology to provide the most accurate and customizable solution for identifying critical bugs in C#.

The Klocwork Insight C# analysis engine was developed in response to market and customer demand for Klocwork’s deep static source code analysis within this fast-growing Microsoft development environment.  Klocwork’s powerful inter-procedural static code analysis technology enables customers to identify key issues important to C# development, including a variety of resource management and runtime failure errors.

"C# and the .NET Framework are emerging as key components of modern business-critical software.  As their adoption grows, products like Klocwork Insight address the need to verify software quality and reliability early in the application development lifecycle," said Vishwanath Venugopalan, enterprise software analyst, The 451 Group.

Developer Focused and Extendable

Building on Klocwork’s longtime support for Microsoft Visual Studio, Klocwork’s C# analysis capabilities are fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, enabling software developers to run the analysis at the earliest point in the development lifecycle, before they check-in their code.  In addition, customers have the flexibility to extend the out-of-the-box library of checkers by creating custom C# checkers to meet their unique organizational, regulatory or code base requirements.  This capability is delivered through Klocwork Checker Studio, a robust GUI-based extensibility environment that allows developers to cost-effectively design, develop and deploy custom analysis capabilities.

“Klocwork Insight was designed to deliver accurate static source code analysis at the developer desktop,” said Mike Laginski, chief executive officer, Klocwork.  “The C# development community is a strategic market opportunity for Klocwork and we are excited about extending our already comprehensive support for Microsoft development environments with this release.”

Klocwork Insight is a leading static source code analysis tool for C, C++ and Java, and the only solution with a Connected Desktop Analysis capability that enables developers to run the analysis with full system context right at their desktop, before they check-in their code.

About Klocwork

Klocwork helps developers create more secure and reliable software. Our tools analyze source code on-the-fly, simplify peer code reviews, and extend the life of complex software. Over 1000 customers, including the biggest brands in the mobile device, consumer electronics, medical technologies, telecom, military and aerospace sectors, have made Klocwork part of their software development process. Thousands of software developers, architects, and development managers rely on our tools everyday to improve their productivity while creating better software.

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