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Desktop source code analysis gaining significant popularity among gaming industry developers

BURLINGTON, MA – November 25, 2013 – Klocwork® Inc., a global leader in software development tools for creating secure code, today announced that software developers in the gaming industry are turning to its Insight™ source code analysis and review toolset in increasing numbers to ensure the security and reliability of their products.

Insight offers on-the-fly code analysis for the “unity“ build structures which are prevalent in the gaming industry, providing fast dependency analysis and critical build infrastructure support. Insight also provides tight integration with the IncrediBuild™ build accelerator that is popular among these developers, speeding up end-to-end analysis runs. These features combine with Insight’s unique, accurate code security and defect analysis at the developer desktop, delivering maximum integration and convenience for the developer. While other SCA tools analyze the code after the build, Klocwork is uniquely focused on providing “on-the-fly” analysis as the gaming developer is writing the code, integrating seamlessly into their personal workflow and identifying security vulnerabilities and defects before they are submitted to the build process.

This personalized developer approach has resulted in a steady increase in customers from the gaming industry turning to Klocwork for their security analysis needs. Klocwork Insight is in use on titles being developed for the next generation of gaming consoles including the PlayStation® 4, Wii™ U and Xbox® One.
According to a report by the NDP Group (https://www.npdgroup.ca/wps/portal/npd/ca/industry-expertise/video-games/), digital game and downloadable content sales continue to grow at a rate of 33 per cent year-over-year. The average number of lines of code per game has increased dramatically as well – now more than 200,000 lines for a mobile game and closer to 500,000 lines for some of the more complex console games.

This growth has generated an intensely competitive environment in the gaming industry, and has put significant pressures on game developers as they continually race to get the next version of top-selling games to market. Delays in release dates or post-release bugs that affect the play or performance of the game, or leave it exposed to malicious attack, can be disastrous to the brand. Game developers and management teams are turning to tools that drop seamlessly into their fast-paced software development processes and enable them to optimize the security and quality of their applications.

“With a number of key competitive wins of late, Insight is gaining a strong following in the gaming industry”, said Mike Laginski, Klocwork CEO. “It’s all about the developer, and the new features and partnerships we have added for gaming customers specifically, mapping directly into their high-pressure software development environments, are proving particularly valuable. They need security, accuracy, ease-of-use and performance, at the desktop. Klocwork Insight provides that better than anyone.”

About Klocwork
In the world of AppSec, developers and the firms that employ them demand tools that provide a competitive edge. Klocwork meets these demands with compelling desktop tools that enable developers to produce secure, reliable software more easily and quickly. Klocwork’s unique Static Code Analysis tool provides accurate, reliable analysis as developers write their code, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and reliability issues before they are submitted to the software build. Additional desktop tools simplify code review, refactoring and architectural analysis. More than 1,100 customers, including the biggest brands in the automotive, consumer electronics, gaming, medical technologies, military and aerospace, mobile device and telecom sectors rely on these tools everyday to make their software more secure and reliable. Creating applications they are proud of. Find out more at www.klocwork.com.

Klocwork is a registered trademark of Klocwork Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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