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Global automotive industry relies on both standards as they continue to evolve their vehicles

BURLINGTON, MA – Sept. 09, 2013 – Klocwork® Inc., a global leader in software development tools for creating secure code, today announced that the Company’s flagship product, Insight® has received both ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certifications. Both certifications are critical to the automotive industry in defining the functional safety for automotive equipment throughout the lifecycle of all electronic and electrical safety systems.

“These certifications mark a significant milestone in the continuing evolution of Insight. As embedded software becomes more complex and more pervasive in automobiles of all types, controlling ever more critical aspects of the operation of these vehicles, it is imperative that stringent standards be adhered to in order to protect the security and integrity of those underlying systems and the vehicles themselves,” said Gwyn Fisher, Klocwork CTO. “When using Insight as part of their software development process, automotive suppliers are able to analyze their code as it is being written, and detect and fix any vulnerabilities or defects that arise, ensuring full compliance with these standards is being maintained,” he continued.

ISO 26262 applies to production passenger vehicles up to 3500 kilograms (7716 pounds), and is designed to address possible hazards caused by malfunctioning electronic and electrical systems. Examples of these systems include include anti-lock brakes, traction control systems, adaptive cruise control systems, engine control units, and digital instrument clusters.

IEC 61508 is the international standard for electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety related systems. It sets out the requirements for ensuring that systems are designed, implemented, operated and maintained to provide the required safety integrity level (SIL). Both standards take into account the increasing use of tools for software application development and explicitly require the development tools to be qualified.

Used by four of the top five global automotive suppliers, Insight, Klocwork’s comprehensive source code analysis tool features on-the-fly analysis at the developer desktop, providing early, rigorous detection of security vulnerabilities and critical reliability defects while reducing software development time and costs.

About Klocwork
Klocwork helps developers create more secure software. Our tools analyze source code on-the-fly, simplify peer code reviews, and extend the life of complex software. Over 1000 customers, including the biggest brands in the mobile device, consumer electronics, medical technologies, telecom, automotive, military and aerospace sectors, have made Klocwork part of their software development process. Tens of thousands of software developers, architects, and development managers rely on our tools every day to save time and create better software.

Klocwork is a registered trademark of Klocwork Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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7 Responses to Klocwork Insight™ Receives ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 Certifications

  1. Gopal Ahir says:

    Hi Walter,

    Thank you for the update. Please let me know if the standard: EN50128 is related to the klocwork or not?\


    • Walter Capitani says:


      EN 50128 is an implementation of IEC 61508, and Klocwork can be used to provide static code analysis for the purposes of EN50128.


  2. Gopal Ahir says:

    Can you please let me know if these certificates are renewed in the klocwork version 10.x? I can not see any information for these versions.

    Please confirm.

    • Walter Capitani says:

      Thank you for your question. We are seeking certification for the upcoming Klocwork release.

    • Gopal says:

      Hi Walter,

      Was there any EN50128 safety standard in klocwork older versions? Or it is still there.


  3. Arie Kelner says:

    Can you please specify who gave you this certification? Can you please provide a link to the certification in his web site?
    Thank you
    Arie Kelner
    Functional Safety Manager, Mobileye

    • Tracy Trottier says:

      Hi Arie —

      The ISO and IEC certifications that we received were done with certification provider TuV Sud. You can find out more information about them and the services they provide at their website, http://www.tuv-sud.com/home_com

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