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Checker Exchange introduced as part of a complete developer solution for custom source code checkers to modify the analysis capabilities of Klocwork Insight

BURLINGTON, Mass. — Apr 14, 2008 — Klocwork Inc., the proven leader in automated source code analysis solutions for improving software security and quality, today launched the Klocwork Checker Exchange, part of a complete developer solution for creating, testing, publishing, deploying and sharing custom-created source code checkers which are plug-ins for customizing the analysis capabilities of Klocwork Insight. The Klocwork Checker Exchange introduces a new level of flexibility amongst commercial source code analysis tools by providing a collaborative environment for open source checker development, download and contribution by Klocwork customers.

Currently, commercial tools consider the development of checker libraries to be a proprietary process which limits the ability for developers to extend source code analysis tools for their environment. Klocwork is taking a different approach by encouraging developers to collaborate and share insight through an open, online community. Customers can browse available custom checkers, download the source code for checkers they want, and contribute enhancements or checkers of their own. In addition, the source code for several families of checkers developed by Klocwork will be made available starting with MISRA, COM and Symbian analysis.

In addition to the Klocwork Checker Exchange, the company is introducing a new product, the developer-facing Checker Studio. This provides:

  • Design support through comprehensive documentation of the available APIs, sample checkers, and tutorials for creating new checkers
  • Development support through the availability of a checker development tool chain, beginning with an abstract syntax tree (AST) browser to navigate the Klocwork-generated AST, allowing developers to more easily implement checkers
  • Deployment support through a simplified, “one button” checker deployment that introduces an automated “push model” for deploying custom checkers to the developer’s desktop

“The Checker Exchange announcement extends Klocwork’s developer focus by empowering developers to create and exchange checkers in an open community. Customers can create and publish their own checkers, download and extend them for a specific environment, comment on the different checkers, contribute commentary or improvements, and access fresh and informative content from our forums,” said Mike Laginski, chief executive officer, Klocwork. “Ultimately, we see the Klocwork Checker Exchange evolving into a dynamic community that will improve the quality of code for everyone that participates.”

The Klocwork Checker Exchange was made possible with Klocwork Insight’s new, simplified extensibility capabilities that allow developers to simply and declaratively create their own software validation mechanisms. A key part of this program is that Klocwork will validate all checkers submitted in open source to the Checker Exchange to ensure compatibility with future releases of its source code analysis tools.

With developers playing such a crucial role in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), Klocwork recognized the importance of empowering them and providing tools to do their jobs effectively and accurately. To improve developer capability, the Company first announced Klocwork Insight, an automated source code analysis tool that enables developers to run analysis with full system context right at their desktop. Now with the Klocwork Checker Exchange, Klocwork further enhances the developer experience with open source checkers being made available publicly in a customizable environment.

About Klocwork

Klocwork helps developers create more secure and reliable software. Our tools analyze source code on-the-fly, simplify peer code reviews, and extend the life of complex software. Over 1000 customers, including the biggest brands in the mobile device, consumer electronics, medical technologies, telecom, military and aerospace sectors, have made Klocwork part of their software development process. Thousands of software developers, architects, and development managers rely on our tools everyday to improve their productivity while creating better software.

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