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BURLINGTON, MA – November 20, 2013 – Klocwork® Inc., a global leader in software development tools for creating secure code, today announced the very positive review it received in a recent, independent industry report by VDC Research (www.vdcresearch.com).

The report, titled The Global Market for Automated Testing and Verification Tools, was published in October, and analyzed the important trends in the embedded and enterprise markets for commercially available testing tools, including those for static source code analysis (SCA). In their report, the authors identified a number of key findings relative to Klocwork and the features and capabilities of its Insight™ Source Code Analysis product, including:

• Klocwork was recognized for its focus on developers, as opposed to competitors’ “platform approach” to source code testing and verification tools.
• Klocwork’s “emphasis on usability and intuitive design resulted in favorable ratings” in the report’s end user survey.
• Klocwork also scored well in “return on investment, impact on quality, effect on time-to-market, and supplier support and service”.
• And perhaps most importantly, “Klocwork’s on-the-fly code analysis is a critical differentiator,” stated André Girard, senior analyst with VDC. “Our research confirms developers recognize the direct correlation between earlier software validation and overall development cost reductions”.

These findings validate Klocwork’s mission to empower software developers with the tools to write the most secure, reliable code possible, in the easiest and most effective ways possible. “Developers want tools that fit seamlessly into the way they work, and help them do their jobs faster and more efficiently. We champion this, and we see it reflected in much of the findings in VDC’s report.” said Mike Laginski, Klocwork CEO.

Laginski added, “Industry leading companies are looking for technologies to identify software security vulnerabilities and reliability issues early, de-risk time-to-market and protect their corporate brands. Klocwork’s innovative desktop SCA tools are the best at meeting these requirements. Our desktop code analysis allows engineers to find and fix security vulnerabilities and code defects as they are writing their code, not after it has been checked in for a build. This was key to the very favorable ratings we received in the VDC report.”

About Klocwork
In the world of AppSec, developers and the firms that employ them demand tools that provide a competitive edge. Klocwork meets these demands with compelling desktop tools that enable developers to produce secure, reliable software more easily and quickly. Klocwork’s unique Static Code Analysis tool provides accurate, reliable analysis as developers write their code, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and reliability issues before they are submitted to the software build. Additional desktop tools simplify code review, refactoring and architectural analysis. More than 1,100 customers, including the biggest brands in the automotive, consumer electronics, gaming, medical technologies, military and aerospace, mobile device and telecom sectors rely on these tools everyday to make their software more secure and reliable. Creating applications they are proud of. Find out more at www.klocwork.com.

Klocwork is a registered trademark of Klocwork Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

About VDC Research
VDC Research is the leading authority on the connected world and the business opportunities it creates for technology vendors and their customers. We provide clients with the ultra-reliable market data and expert insights they need to make big decisions about products, markets, channels, and partnerships with confidence. By partnering with VDC, our clients have access to large proprietary databases that provide deep insight into market trends, leading analysts who possess unmatched knowledge of their markets, and a range of research products and services that support a variety of strategic and tactical initiatives.

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