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Improving Code Quality Before Formal Testing Ever Begins

By: Carey Schwaber with Carl Zetie and Michael Gavin


Most development shops understand that the cost of repairing a defect increases exponentially as the application proceeds through the life cycle. But fewer shops know what they can do to identify defects early on. To improve the quality of their code even before formal testing begins, developers can perform unit testing, static analysis, performance analysis, and security testing. Full-featured integrated development environments (IDEs) include much – but not all – of the functionality that developers will need to accomplish these tasks.

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Klocwork® offers a portfolio of development productivity tools designed to ensure the security, reliability and maintainability of complex code bases. Using proven static analysis technology, Klocwork’s tools identify critical security vulnerabilities and reliability defects, optimize peer code review, and help developers create more maintainable code. Klocwork’s tools are an integral part of the development process for over 1000 customers in the consumer electronics, mobile devices, medical technologies, telecom, military and aerospace sectors.

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