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  • Answering questions about your code base — Part 2

    on Apr 2, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with No Comments

    10-29-2012 4-37-59 PM

    In this continuing story about the journey to source code awesomeness, we left off at the point where we identified priority defect types for your organization, kicked off pre-checkin static analysis on developer desktops and saw build-over-build improvements in our trending reports as a result. The next question we tackle here is: What is my cost of ownership? The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind, it’s in your Complexity Trend report: Why there? you might ask. Well, it’s because there’s a straight-line correlation between the complexity of a function and its cost per

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  • Answering questions about your code base – Part 1

    on Feb 8, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with 1 Comment


    Static analysis captures the current state of your code base and helps you answer key questions about the quality, security and maintainability of your software project. Think Magic 8 Ball with build omniscience and powerful reporting tools. OK, maybe Magic 8 Ball isn’t a good analogy. Answers to what questions, you ask? One we often hear from customers is: Where do I start? A good place to start is a report that captures the distribution of defect types from your current build.  For example, we recommend that our customers glance over the Top 10 Issues

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  • Code metrics

    on Feb 23, 10 • by Alen Zukich • with No Comments

    Just came across this post about the 5 code metrics you need to watch.  I thought it was worth mentioning as I just blogged about this below (including something similar a while back).  These are interesting metrics and more high level, but certainly important.  I like labeling duplicated code as something important.  I think we often forget how much we reuse code and have the same mistakes in many places

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  • Software Complexity, Lines of Code and Digital Derby

    on Jan 27, 09 • by Brendan Harrison • with 4 Comments

    Many of us have seen the # of lines of code (LOC) stats that get thrown around as a metric for illustrating how complex software development has become: The U.S. Army’s Future Combat System is estimated at 60 million lines of code (MLOC) The software that runs the Boeing 787 is almost 7 MLOC, triple that of the 777 GM says future cars will have >100 MLOC (that sounds high, but hey, <insert GM joke here>) So, yes there’s a lot of code out there, it’s growing, and it’s getting more complex. It’s tough to

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