3 tips for Android developers

3 tips for Android developers

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Here are three of the most important tips that all Android developers should embrace before embarking on their next project...

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The popularity of Android apps development is growing fast, and with good reason. Aside from the sheer popularity of smartphones and tablets running on Android OS, there is also the fact that Android is particularly amenable for developers. Droid Report recently highlighted a study from Evans Data which found that, among 464 mobile app developers around the world, more than 40 percent said that it takes one month or less to develop a typical app on this platform. By contrast, only 36 percent and 34 percent experienced such speed on iOS and Windows Phone, respectively.

For mobile app developers to fully take advantage of the potential inherent to Android, best practices are essential. With that in mind, here are three of the most important tips that all Android developers should embrace before embarking on their next project.

1. Timing matters
Timing is critical for successful Android app development, according to Gil Dudkiewicz, CEO of a mobile advertising platform. Writing for The Next Web, Dudkiewicz argued that for every app, there is an ideal time to launch. Choosing the wrong moment may severely undercut the success of the offering.

This marks a stark contrast with publishing on the Internet, Dudkiewicz noted. This is due to differences between users' mobile and desktop behavior. Specifically, he argued in favor of publishing mobile apps during either the winter holiday season or the summer. During these periods, people tend to travel a lot, and they will spend a lot time using their mobile devices while doing so. Android app developers can take advantage of this tendency, maximizing their ability to reach new audiences.

2. Strive to stand out
As Dudkiewicz noted, the advantages offered by Android mobile app development can also create challenges. Most notably, the sheer popularity of the operating systems means that any developer will face stiff competition. There are more than one million apps in the Google Play store, and more arrive every day. This, he wrote, makes it difficult to generate organic users.

That is why the writer recommended that Android app developers utilize app store optimization techniques. There is a large amount of available research concerning the ideal strategies for naming apps, designing icons, writing descriptions and more. All of these factors may have an impact, helping a given app stand out in the crowded market place. It may take a fair amount of time, effort and money, but if the app does not stand out and draw users' attention, it is unlikely to prove successful.

3. Use the right tools
As easy as Android development is inherently, using the right tools is essential for truly optimized app creation. For example, developers should utilize high-quality source code analysis solutions to ensure that Android apps are fully secure and remain protected. These tools can also maximize the reliability of apps, which is essential for garnering a positive reputation.

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