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  • From Static Analysis to 0day Exploit – a demonstration

    on Dec 9, 09 • by Eric Hollebone • with No Comments

    I have always been fascinated by the whole area of code vulnerabilities and security exploits and how hackers turn those issues into real-world problems for the rest of us. Jeremy Brown posted an interesting article on Jeremy’s Computer Security blog where he uses his security know-how to draw a straight line between a software vulnerability found with static analysis and a real 0day exploit on an open source project called gAlan. Jeremy takes us on a short journey where he finds an unprotected buffer with static analysis, creates an exploit payload to cause a buffer overrun, rewrites the

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  • Software Assurance Forum Day 3 Recap

    on Nov 5, 09 • by Todd Landry • with No Comments

    My first day at the SWA forum was actually the 3rd day at the conference, and from all accounts it has been a very productive and relevant first 2 days. Today was no different as it was kicked off with a panel discussion on the Evolution of Software Assurance Processes, and included speakers from Lockheed Martin, Waters Edge LLC, SEI/CERT, and SafeCode. I thought it was an entertaining discussion from a group definitely passionate about the topic. Something seemed missing though as I came out of it hoping for something more…Some good questions rounded out

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  • Preparing for the Software Assurance Forum 2009

    on Oct 30, 09 • by Todd Landry • with No Comments

    Next week I’m heading out to the Software Assurance Forum (use SOF96945 for the conference code) in Washington D.C. (well, actually Arlington, Virginia, but D.C. sounds more glamorous). If you’re not familiar with what the SWA is, in a nutshell, its key objective is to encourage software developers to raise overall software quality and security from the start, rather than relying on applying patches to systems after vulnerabilities are discovered. Anyways, while I’m there, I’ll be taking part in 2 speaking opportunities. The first will be as part of a 6 person panel discussion entitled

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  • CWE Top 25

    on Jan 13, 09 • by Gwyn Fisher • with 5 Comments

    Another year, another list of the most obvious things that competent developers should already know how to avoid? This one even has the NSA backing it, as well as the usual laundry list of pimping vendors attempting to make PR out of anything remotely related to homeland security… Quick, where do I sign up? OK, perhaps that’s a bit cynical, but I have to say that my usual reaction to any web application-centric security laundry list is that most developers in that space write crap code, so why should we be surprised, or expect that

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