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Ten things to know for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

on Oct 1, 15 • by Kara Howson • with 1 Comment

Understanding what cybersecurity means to you and your business is key. Read, listen and review our top ten tips on cybersecurity...

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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To help with education and awareness of an important topic, we have pulled together ten things that you should know about cybersecurity and software development.

Do you know?

1. That nearly 90% of all detected security holes can be traced back to just ten types of vulnerabilities? Register to attend our webinar on “top ten automotive cybersecurity vulnerabilities of 2015” – October 7, 2015.

2. What the road towards better automotive cybersecurity looks like? Listen to this recorded webinar from our Automotive expert.

3. A recent survey found that over 60% of developers don’t know which tools are approved for use so that they can develop secure code? Read more results from a recent survey conducted by OpenSystems Media/IQPC to find out about security and software development.

4. How Klocwork and static code analysis can help create an impenetrable connected car.

5. Prevention may be the best medicine, when it comes to cybersecurity. Our CTO, Rod Cope, spoke earlier this year about shifting the current focus of mitigating real-time attacks and creating stronger defensive networks to finding ways to prevent attacks right at the source. Hear what he had to say.

6. How secure your software supply chain is? Review this infographic and see how your company stacks up.

7. Car cybersecurity vulnerabilities lead to class action lawsuits.

8. Cybersecurity is not new and it touches all industries. Back in 2013, the FDA releases cybersecurity advisory statement.

9. We’re all using the same material and saying the same thing. After attending automotive cyber security summit this year we learned a few things and want you to know too.

10. What the top 3 strategies are to reduce risk in automotive / in-vehicle software development?

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One Response to Ten things to know for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  1. This year’s commemorative month comes on the heels of a particularly threat-heavy 2015. Since the New Year rolled around, we’ve been inundated with a virtually uninterrupted flurry of breach headlines. Cyber criminals attacked every industrial sector out there, from large and small business to governments and healthcare providers. If 2014 was the so-called “Year of the Mega Breach,” 2015 has proven just how diversified cyber criminals can be in their attack strategies and targets.

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