Announcing the TotalView Evergreen Beta

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When you need to find and fix bugs fast, a powerful debugger like TotalView is a real asset and now, you have the opportunity to help make TotalView even better...

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As a developer, you want to focus on your programmatic mission and produce great code, however, sometimes pesky software bugs get in the way. When you need to find and fix bugs fast, a powerful debugger like TotalView is a real asset and now, you have the opportunity to help make TotalView even better!

Rogue Wave has launched the Evergreen Beta program to provide exclusive early access to new TotalView releases. This program allows TotalView customers access to upcoming debugging features, platforms, and compilers before they’re released. This is also a way for you to provide feedback, to make sure we’re adding the best features to help you solve your debugging problems quickly.

By participating in the Evergreen Beta program you will:

• Receive early access to upcoming TotalView features and platform support
• Gain early knowledge of the upcoming features so your team can fully leverage them to quickly solve their debugging problems
• Provide direct input on product features, functionality, issues, and enhancements you would like to see added to TotalView
• Collaborate with other beta participants on use cases, share advice, and learn valuable lessons

How to get involved
Anyone with a current TotalView license can sign up, download the beta, and give it a try! Notices about new releases and the advanced new features are emailed out about once a month and posted to our Evergreen Beta forums. Testing of the beta releases is free form and any feedback about the new features or any aspects of the debugger is greatly appreciated.

This is your opportunity to help define the features that help you best solve your debugging problems and get on with your real work. The TotalView team is looking forward to your participation and feedback!


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